2,100 lashes, 7 years Jail to the Indian Arrested over Haram-Temple Photo

Every Muslim individual, be it a man or woman, knows the high respect and adoration that the Holy Haram, more commonly known as the Kaaba, holds in each and every one of our hearts. It is our main religious center; we pray in its direction and consider it the house of God.

It would not be a smart move to try and defame the holy sanctity of the house of God, however, not everyone seems to think that any one individual has gone ahead and made such an attempt, which has surely landed him in a lot of hot water.[irp]

An Indian man has been recently arrested for posting offensive pictures of the Holy Kaaba. He has been given a punishment of 2,100 lashes, 7 years Jail and SR 30,000 fine for his blasphemous act. The pictures consist of the Kaaba being replaced by a Hindu temple.

These disgraceful pictures were posted on the individual's Facebook account. I am as shocked as I am surprised and angered because people just have not learned to keep their personal views apart from their lives on social media.

The accused man has alleged that he did not originally post the picture, but instead, someone else had posted it and he merely liked the photo, which in turn made it visible to all the people on his friend's list.

A former member of the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution, Saleh Al-Ghamdi, who is a lawyer by profession, has stated that the crimes committed by the man deserve a maximum sentencing of five years behind bars and close to SAR 3 million in fines.

He also stated that the charter of crime prevention has listed the following scenarios as information crimes; saving, posting or sharing of offensive content that violates the general law, principles of the society and our religious values.

They have also categorized human trafficking online and the use of internet in facilitating such acts as information crimes. Creating or sharing of drugs and pornographic material is also considered in the same category.

Another colleague of Mr. Ghamdi, Saad Al-Malki has stated that posting the insulting pictures on the social media network is a crime of grave nature. The lawyer has also openly stated that the man should be penalized by the maximum sentence that can be awarded in such a case, by the Jeddah Penal Court.

As a Muslim, I feel angry and confused at the actions of the man. I feel deeply hurt that someone would try and defame the holiest and purest places on earth. However, as a human being, I also believe that we should keep our belief and faith to ourselves and should not interfere with the faith of others.

It is also a common courtesy of all human beings to not insult or defame any religiously important places or individuals. I believe that Muslims like me should hold the higher ground and not let such acts anger us or disturb us, but instead, we should be more compassionate towards the ill-informed or towards the ignorant, and stoop down to their level at least.[irp]

Latest Update: The Criminal Court of Jeddah has just now quashed a seven-year jail term and an additional 2100 lashes as punishment which had been given to an Indian man who had been convicted of blasphemy. This new move of leniency by the Criminal Court of Jeddah comes since the Indian prisoner converted to Islam, during his time in jail. Recommended: Indian Citizen who shared “Haram Temple” photo embraced Islam

Source: Arab News

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