An American Jailed in the Gulf for the Facebook Post he made in the USA

Freedom of Speech: Most Americans believe that freedom of speech and the liberty to say whatever you desire is a basic human right across the world. However, one American citizen found out the hard way that this may indeed not be true.

Ryan Pate, aged 30, is a mechanic who got into a lot of trouble after posting derogatory statements against his employers and the management in UAE, something which the Arabs take very seriously. Ryan has been arrested under charges of cyber slander under UAE law, according to which he could face up to 5 years in jail. 

According to the Facebook post that Ryan had originally posted, he made some comments about his employers Global Aerospace Logistics which the company did not take lightly, and upon his arrival, Ryan was told to report to the police station where he was placed under arrest.

He was warning others: Ryan has since been released on bail and is reported to have said that he “wasn’t as tactful as he should have been“. However, Ryan is still adamant that he was only trying to do the right thing by warning others about the company who were according to him “filthy Arabs”

They stopped his final payment: As stated by Ryan the problem with the company started, when he started having back problems which his doctor attributed to his work, so he decided to leave his job.

The company, however, decided to have a second opinion taken about the back problem that Ryan was facing and did not give him his final payment before the tests had taken place.

Ryan’s fiancé believes that one of his colleagues had seen the post and had waited until he got back to the UAE, after which he was reported to the police.

Ryan’s fiancé has since started an online fund GoFundMe Campaign which aims to acquire any monetary help that may take care of the legal expenses that will surely occur during his trial.

She raised $15,000 for him: On her fundraising page, his fiancé has said that the action taken by Global Aerospace Logistics is one deemed to be heartless. Her online funding page has raised more than 1/3 of her $45,000 estimated legal fees that Ryan will incur in his trial.

She is also reported to have said that due to international relations with the UAE and even with the close ties that both the countries have with each other the case is still in hot water, and even the United States embassy does not quite know how to handle this correctly.

He should have been a little careful: Although Ryan may have only wanted his final settlement from the company, and the company is a logistics company located in the heart of all global logistics could have very well had the means to fulfill this wish.

However, there are certain procedures in big companies that have to be followed regardless of the emergency and Ryan probably didn’t help his case by issuing derogatory statements on a social networking forum, used by millions across the globe.

Source: Business Insider UK