The History of April Fool’s Day – 1st April

April Fools’ Day is also called All Fools’ Day. This is celebrated every 1st of April in the entire world. Although it is not recognized as a holiday, many people celebrate this by pranking or pulling practical jokes on their friends and colleagues, and sometimes even organize large scale hoaxes. April Fools’ Day is celebrated in various ways all around the world; however, it is not certain how exactly this tradition began.[irp]

How April Fool’s Day is Celebrated in Different Parts of the World? The pranks and nature of the celebrations of this day vary from country to country. The Americans will typically scream “April Fools!’ after pranking somebody. European countries, however, refer to this day as April Fish and many pranksters will place a paper fish on another person’s back and shout “April Fish!”. The pranked individual is still however called a ‘Fool’. Fish are also extremely popular on European April Fools’ Day cards. Traditionally, in the United Kingdom, all pranks end at midday and if anyone is found pranking someone else after that time they themselves are called the fool. In addition to this elaborate pranks and practical jokes have also been appearing on TV stations, radio, and even websites. Some cases also exist of huge corporations taking part in the pranking process. One famous prank by the BBC was conducted in 1957 when they published a report claiming that homegrown spaghetti trees could be put in your garden. They, however, did not state that it was a hoax until the next day.

History of April Fool’s Day – 1st April

1-One of the first ever April Fools’ pranks were played in 1698 when the citizens of London were tricked into going to a lion-washing ceremony which was supposed to take place at the Tower of London, however, there was no such ceremony.

2-Some cultures view the day as the coming of spring, which is celebrated by feasting and other joyous activities.

3-Some calendars also consider the 1st of April as the start of the New Year. Some theories claim that the day was termed as April Fools’ Day by the people who refused to acknowledge this date as the first day of the year; this caused the date to be known as April Fools’ Day.

4-There are certain other theories relating to the true origins of this day traditions. A Roman festival, by the name of Hilaria which was celebrated around the last week of March, in lieu of Cybele, an Anatolian Goddess, was also considered as one of the beginnings of this tradition.

5-Many medieval festivals which were celebrated during the fifteenth and sixteenth century in Europe were given the name of Feast of Fools. These celebrations, especially while being held in Spain, became home to various and numerous practical jokes.

6-The tradition of such practical jokes was completely established around 1632. Legend is that the Duke of Lorraine and his wife escaped from their imprisonment at Nantes, by dressing up as peasants and walking right out of the front gate.

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