10 Safety Tips for Women living in Saudi Arabia

We may consider our country to be extremely safe, and it is. That fact, however, cannot take into consideration a random act of violence or hate crime. Women need to learn to defend themselves against such attacks. Certain measures can be taken so that when such an attack happens, they are aware of how to respond and behave according to the situation. Here are a few tips that may help women against any possible attack, in their daily lives;[irp]

1-If you are making a call from a phone booth, turn and place your back against the phone. This will allow you to see anyone approaching you and can convey that to whoever you are calling.

2-If you see unfamiliar faces just lurking around on the street report them to the police. If you feel you are in danger call your police emergency helpline and memorize the number.

3-Always keep someone informed of your whereabouts. This can be anyone from your family or your friends. Coordinate with friends or family and travel in groups. If you are walking alone in an unsafe area, call someone and have them stay on the line till you are in a safer area. If you are a student avoid studying in classrooms alone, in parts of the campus that are not regularly patrolled.

4-Do not open the door to your house without checking, or asking and verifying who it is. NEVER admit that you are alone.

5-Use different routes to do things you do daily. Avoid places where you can be isolated. If you are the first to reach home to an empty house, call someone before you enter.

6-Use your phone camera to film an attack as it happens or to take a picture of the license plate. Make a habit of charging phones overnight and never leaving your home without it. Download apps that help family and friends keep a check on you, like life360.

7-If you feel in danger move towards a crowd, as the attacker will not attack in full view of everyone. In the case of a physical attack, it is best to yell and shout to draw attention. In the case of a verbal attack stay calm and walk away towards a crowded place and inform security.

8-Take the elevators in large buildings and avoid the stairwell as they are usually quiet and dark. If you feel unsafe in an elevator, get out immediately.

9-Do not allow yourself to be put in a vehicle by the attacker

10-Keep your children close by and do not let them roam around the park, store or playground without your supervision.