Check Status of Permanent Family Visa Application submitted Online

Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia has launched a procedure apply for a permanent family visa online a few days ago. With the introduction of this procedure, applying for the permanent family visa has become so easy.

People are getting it approved on the same day of applying for it. There is no need to attest degrees, marriage certificate, birth certificate or any other documents. You do not even need to visit Jawazat for any purpose.

The procedure is very simple. You just have to fill an online form, print it get it signed by the company officer and attest and submit it to the chamber of commerce.

Once the application has been submitted, the applicant receives the message on its mobile phone about the confirmation of the visa containing the visa number. You just need to send this visa number to your country so that your family can stamp the visa on its passport.

The detailed procedure to apply for a permanent family visa online has been explained in this link. Once the application is submitted you can check the status of permanent family visa application submitted online in the following way.

Login to your MOI account and click on the E-Services, Istiqdam and then on the “Family Visa Services” in the same way as you did while applying for the permanent family visa online.

But this time, you don’t need to click on the “New Family Visa Application”. You will have to click on the other tab “View and Print Submitted Application”.

Once you click this, a new window will appear showing the status of permanent family visa application submitted online.

If you have not visited Chamber of Commerce yet, or the Ministry of Interior has not approved your application yet, the following message will appear in front of the visa application status.

As you can see in the below screen that the visa application status is “Submitted” and “Not Issued” is written in front of the Visa number.


If you have received the message from the Ministry of Interior that the application for the permanent family visa submitted online has been approved, following screen will appear on your MOI portal.

As you can see in the screen below that the Application Status is “Approved” Visa number and a Reference number has been issued. If you want to go into details of the visa issued by the Ministry of Interior, you will have to click on the “Open” tab given under the caption “Action”.


Once you click on the Action button, a new screen will be opened containing the details of the sponsor, application, and applicant. All these details should match with the passport of the applicant and must be correct.

The application status will be shown as “Approved”. The process has not completed yet. You have just received the approval from MOI but there is one step remaining i.e. approval from MOFA.

Follow the steps given below to check the status of permanent family visa in MOFA.


Once the visa is approved on MOI website, you need to wait for 3,4 days and after that open MOFA website and enter your visa number as well as Iqama number in the given window. If your visa is approved by the MOFA, it will appear on the website like the image below with this message
الرجاء طباعة المستند ومراجعة ممثلية المملكة لإصدار تأشيرة الدخول
Now you can take a print of it and send it to your home country for the visa processing on Passport

Once your visa is reflected on MOFA site please verify your visa on Enjaz at this link:
VISA NUMBER = Visa number from MOI
VISA ISSUING AUTHORITY = Port of Boarding as selected while applying in MOI
SPONSOR ID = Your Iqama number, then enter the captcha code hit enter.


If you see your name and requested visas you are good to go for endorsement. Hope this helps.