10 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Eating Ajwa Dates

The Quran and Hadith lay great emphasis on Ajwa dates benefits. Being Muslim, it is our belief that each word said by the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is true so this Hadith regarding Ajwa dates cannot be wrong.

How to eat ajwa dates?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “if somebody takes seven Ajwa dates in the morning, neither magic nor poison will hurt him that daySahih al-Bukhari 5779

Taking it into consideration all this, many people researched benefits of Ajwa dates scientifically and they came up with these findings.

  1. Vital minerals and nutrients in Ajwa Dates

Science tells us that Ajwa Khajoor is filled with vital minerals and other various nutrients that help our body grow, heal and continue to function normally.

These nutrients consist of potassium which is essential for life and vital for the heart. Ajwa Dates also contain magnesium which helps keep your heart rhythm steady and keeps your bones strong.

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2. Ajwa Dates Regulates Blood Pressure

Perhaps the most overlook benefits of Ajwa dates is that it regulates your blood pressure and helps your kidneys function better due to which it remains in high demand not only in Saudi Arabia but other parts of the world as well as Pakistan and India where it is called Ajwa Khajoor.

There many institutes in these countries which are conducting researches on ajwa khajoor benefits which is imported from Saudi Arabia.

3. Ajwa Dates are calcium rich fruit

Although Saudi Arabia is a terrain which is exposed to the sun not less than 350 days a year, still a large number of people are Calcium and Vitamin D deficient. 

Calcium which is good for bone and teeth and plays a vital role like nerve signal transmission is also found in the Ajwa dates.

4. Ajwa Dates can avoid Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a disease in which plaque builds up inside your arteries making it difficult for the blood to flow properly which could eventually be devastating for the patient as it may lead to high blood pressure and other complications.

Eating Ajwa dates daily can protect you against diseases like atherosclerosis which is a leading factor in most heart attacks and strokes.

5. Ajwa Dates reduce the Pain of childbirth

In the modern world, we don't consider this particular benefit of ajwa dates as consuming Ajwa khajoor helps ease the pain of childbirth. In comparison to normal foods that we eat every day we obtain more nutrients and minerals as well as amino acids per serving.

Even if you read religious scripture like Quran, you find out that Allah asked Hazrat Maryam A.S to eat dates to ease up her delivery pain. It is not said which type of date it was, but it is proved that dates, in general, reduce the pain of childbirth.

6. Ajwa dates nutrition

Ajwa Dates also contain a high percentage of carbohydrates, 15 salts and minerals, 14 types of fatty acids, 23 amino acids, six vitamins, and many dietary fibers.

It is good for those who are going to gym and want to gain weight in a short time. In other words, it is an immediate source of energy for the body.

Gym enthusiasts can indulge in a basic Ajwa date milkshake which will provide them with more strength and muscle repair than any protein shake or sports drink found in the market.

7. Eating Ajwa Dates Prevents abdominal cancer

My mother died of Cancer and I pray to Allah that even my worst enemy stays away from this deadly disease. It kills you from inside while you are perfectly fine apparently.

According to a recent survey in the medical field, it is generally acknowledged that the consumption of Ajwa dates also helps prevent abdominal cancer.

8. Ajwa Dates Improve Digestive Process

Talking about Saudi Arabia, people often complain about their digestion due to sedentary lifestyle in this country. There are not many of us who regularly workout or get involved in physical activities, you need something which can improve your digestion process. 

Dates help pacifies any feelings of hunger as the nutrition from the dates is being absorbed. Ajwa Dates are also one of the most versatile foods that help with the digestive process.

9. Ajwa Dates are good for Health of Eyes

Due to the sedentary lifestyle, we often spend the whole day in front of a computer which puts a strain on our eyes. It is believed that consumption of Ajwa dates helps keep your eyes healthy throughout your life and helps prevent night blindness.

10- Ajwa dates benefits infertility

I am sure that the people with children would agree that your child is the greatest gift of Allah to you, whatever you do in the whole day, once you are back home and you hug your son or daughter, you tend to forget all the troubles and problems of life.

The energy that is found in Ajwa Khajoor can be used by couples to help them get pregnant and greatly increase their libido. In other words, ajwa dates benefit infertility issues in men and women.

11. Ajwa Date is an alternative to Energy Drinks

As I have mentioned earlier, Ajwa Khajoor provides you an immediate source of energy due to which it is a sunnah to eat dates at the time of breaking the fast.

Ajwa Date is a great alternative to sports drinks and energy drinks that you find people consuming at the gym.

Not to forget, they are free from any preservatives and chemicals and will do no harm to the body, in the long run, something that these sports drinks do to the body.

The importance of Dates in Islam

The importance of dates in Islam can be seen when Muslims all around the world break their fasts and close their fasts by eating dates and water, this helps prevent Muslims from overeating after not eating or drinking anything from sunrise to sunset. 

Islam has taught us things that go hand in hand with science hence neither science nor religion can disagree on the fact that one of the best things you can do for yourself is to consume dates in whatever form you like best, and it is one investment on yourself you don’t want to miss out on.