How people react in case of traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia v/s in the UAE?

Strict enforcement of their laws is something that the UAE prides themselves on, amongst other things. In comparison to their significant others over in Saudi Arabia, the police do not hold as high a regard. It is not uncommon to see major differences in policing and implementation of the law in the two countries by anyone who has visited them even once. There is a different way of doing things in the Saudi Arabia. Saudis believe that if something can be solved personally, they do so without involving law enforcement. This, however, doesn’t always go well. We have tried to compare the traffic practices of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in this article. If there is a traffic accident on road, how people involved in traffic accident react?

The process of Accident in the United Arab Emirates: In the UAE, if there has been a traffic accident, both parties are requested to be seated in their cars, while the police arrive. The police in the UAE, fill out an incident report, take pictures of the accident sites and within minutes allow both parties to leave. The police determine who is at fault, and both parties are given copies of the incident report, which they can use to get their cars repaired. Most workshops in the UAE do not fix accidental claims unless there is a police report.

Process of Accident in Saudi Arabia: Although the procedure is same in Saudi Arabia as well there are few exceptions to the normal rule. If there is an accident in the Saudi Arabia sometimes both the parties usually decide not to get the police involved but rather have the cars fixed themselves as it takes not less than hours to reach the incident place. It happens especially when the accident is minor with minimal loss and one party is willing to take the responsibility Saudi people much rather avoid legal cases and often settle things out of court. Sometimes when both parties cannot agree to who is at fault and who is the victim, they involve police otherwise police overall are generally avoided in the Saudi Arabia. Although it is not allowed to fix accident cars without permission of the traffic police you can find many workshops who will welcome you to fix the accidental cars.

The UAE which hosts millions of tourists every year has had to employ strict and thorough law enforcement standards to keep their tourists safe and to ensure that they keep returning, as tourism is the main contributor to their country’s economy. However, Saudi Arabia is an oil rich country and its budget does not depend upon the tourists. This is one of the reasons that Saudi Arabia does not issue any tourist visa. It is reported that once a citizen of Saudi Arabia was spending his Eid in Dubai. He met with a minor accident while on his way back from prayers. The man was so accustomed to the Saudi way of doing things, that he told the other driver who was clearly at fault not to worry, and that they would get their own cars repaired. However, the aggressor, who knew better than that, denied his offer and waited for the police to arrive.

In my numerous trips to the UAE, I have found that people, who blatantly disobey the law back home, follow the laws in the UAE. This is because the state and the government refuse to let personal connections and favors in the way of the supremacy of the law and ensure the same laws apply to everyone. However, it is also seen that people who used to follow the traffic laws in their respective countries start disobeying the traffic laws in Saudi Arabia. This is perhaps due to the traffic culture in two countries.

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