10 Common Situations when we say “Insha Allah” without any intention to do it

Muslims all around the world like to start and end their sentences with the common phrase Insha Allah. This phrase by itself means that “if God wills” and most of the time they try to mean what they are saying from the bottom of their hearts.

However, there are some instances and occurrences when we say this phrase only in order to please a relative or a friend that we have met at a function or an event and in those instances we couldn’t be feeling quite the contrary.[irp]

Though this is a very common practice nowadays it has completely undermined the meaning behind the word Insha Allah and whenever people say it, it is more likely that the person listening to you will think that you are saying that to deter the issue or not do it at all. Muslims should not continue this habit as it has brought a negative aspect to a very pious phrase which is associated with the will of Allah.

1-Whenever any relative at a wedding asks you if you are next: Well yes Insha Allah, just pray for me (NOT).

2-When the guests are leaving and you must remain on your best behavior: Please come again Insha Allah (NOT), while you eye the leftover food.

3-Whenever the friends have made a plan but you would much rather stay at home: Yes, I will be there, Insha Allah (NOT)

4-When you just got married and your relatives are like when are you giving us the good news? Damn aunty it has just been a few days, yet we say, Insha Allah, aunty soon (NOT).

5-Whenever your boss asks you about the report that was actually due some time ago: Yes, Sir Insha Allah, the report will be on your desk shortly (NOT).

6-Whenever you are asked if Saudi Arabia will ever get any change or reforms: Insha Allah, it is almost upon us, Insha Allah it will be very soon. (NOT).

7-Whenever your parents ask you whether you are going to be getting an “A” on the next test or the test that you just gave: Yes, Mom, Insha Allah, I will get an A (NOT).

8-Whenever you tell yourself that you will fit into those skinny jeans by Eid time: Insha Allah, I will lose weight this time, just one more pizza though.

9-Whenever you make an intention to wake up early in the morning and make breakfast on a Friday morning: Insha Allah, I will wake up and make breakfast (NOT). It’s the intention that counts.

10-Whenever you say that you are going to become more productive in life from now and not waste any time: Insha Allah, I will do it right from now on, no more wasting time. I will only be productive in life from now on Insha Allah (NOT).

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