10 Tips to understand the behavior of Saudi Men

Saudi men including those whose forefather belong to Yemen, Egypt, Oman and others are said to be of reserved nature but at the same time, they are social as well. These behaviors are learned by Saudis from their ancestors and following are the ways how to deal and understand them.

Patience: There might be a situation when you don’t agree with those Saudi men and argue. Instead, develop patience and allow them to speak their point of view by keeping anger aside.[irp]

Listen: It is important for a fruitful relationship to listen to the other person and try to understand what is meant by them. Don’t misunderstand. Comfort them by saying that you understand their point.

Question: Traditional men usually don’t observe much and jump to conclusions directly. They don’t ask questions and are not frank enough. One fails to understand the Saudi lifestyle and mode of living. One must choose wisely. You should choose your lifestyle for whichever role you want, be it father, son, neighbor or something else. Some might have their families living in Saudi Arabia and they are 2nd or 3rd generation practicing the culture.

Value output: Some people are of reserved nature and they don’t express themselves much. They keep their anger inside themselves and don’t speak up. One should encourage talking and showing expressions and not burying it inside. Saudi men obviously are not minded readers; they won’t know what’s in your heart until you say it.

Understanding culture: Exploring cultures are always good. It is not necessary where you belong, but you follow the culture of your ancestors. Take interest in the culture, customs, and values of each other and explore them when you start taking interest in each other. Know them and their roots, and relate to it.

Understand religious laws and ancestor’s place: Not only you need to understand the Saudi man’s belief and culture but also the religious laws and the values of his ancestors especially his children because of which he is something today. If the Saudi man is born in the Kingdom and parents not alive then there are chances of less of culture influence on them.

Procreate: Everyone loves to have their own family so there are different choices of everyone. Some want a big one and the other want just a small one. It is important in all religions to keep your generation in a circle. Some might want 4 or 5 of them while others might just be happy with 1 2.

Follow Radicalism: A minority of people might also have a feeling of a threat on them which if not controlled will get over them. Thus they feel getting attacked sometime soon, in real or imaginary but because of that, they take it extremely dangerous. In such case, it’s better to always clear yourself and your views on others to avoid misunderstanding and threat.

Not Aliens: These Saudi men are not something out of the world. They are due to their ancestors granted by this Saudi Citizenship by birth or choice so consider them like everyone else.

Appreciate: Greet and appreciate using small Arabic words that make them feel nice and comfortable with you.

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