6 Important Points about Attestation from the Chamber of Commerce

You need a letter from your employer for different purposes in Saudi Arabia. You need it for an opening bank account, degree attestation from your native country or for any other reason. In Saudi Arabia, all the government institutions require you to attest the document from the chamber of commerce.

Without attestation of the chamber of commerce, no one trusts upon the authenticity of the letter or document. Same is required by almost all the banks, leasing companies, and financial institutions. To get your documents attested by the chamber of commerce, you need to follow a certain procedure. 

The timing of the Chamber of Commerce: Locate the main office of the Chamber of Commerce in your city. We have given below the timings of the Chamber of Commerce in Jeddah.

Timimg for Attestation: 7:30 am to 6:00 pm

Timing for Visa Attestation: 8:00 am to 1:30 pm

1-Attestation service by the Chamber of Commerce is also provided in different shopping malls. For example, it is being provided in Serafi Mall, Jeddah. You need to locate these shopping malls and try to go there for getting your documents attested by the chamber of commerce. You will find these locations less crowded than their main office in peak hours.

2-The cost of Attestation by Chamber of Commerce is SR 25 per document.

3-You can only appear in the chamber of commerce of the city where your company has registered itself. Some companies have only registered themselves in Riyadh and others in Jeddah. Some companies have registered themselves in all the offices namely Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam chamber of commerce.

4-The employees in the public sector or the employees of the governmental companies such as the Saudi Airlines, ARAMCO and the companies in which these companies own 50% of capital like SABIC, they do not need to certify the application from the chamber of commerce.

5-Some companies have registered for the VIP section in the Chamber of Commerce, their employees don't have to wait for long hours during the time when the Chamber of Commerce is crowded. Make sure you ask someone from your company if they have registered for any VIP service. They have a separate counter in the COC building.

6-Earlier, you had to print the application for a family visit visa applied, get it signed by your sponsor and then submit it to the Chamber of Commerce. We used to call this process “Tafeel”. However, now the procedure has been changed.

You just need to apply for family visit visa online, print it and hand it over to the Government Relations Officer of your company. He will authenticate the application online and it will be submitted to the MOFA. Chamber of Commerce office is not accepting any family visit visa application now. After a while, your status will be changed on the MOFA website. You can check the status using the guidelines provided in this link. Recommended: Check Family Visit Visa Application Status Online

They do not return the same application; they keep the application with them and issue a receipt looks like attached one.

If you applied for the permanent family online but didn't get any message from the MOI, then there is a procedure to check. Log in to your Abshir account and then check the available fund option. If the visa fee is still showing, it means your application has not been approved yet. If it is showing”0″ balance, it means that your application for a permanent family visa has been accepted.

Another step to check is that after logging in to Abshir you will see an option as “view or print the submitted application”. Click on this and check the status of application if it's still processing or approved. If still no response, then maybe you have to go to the Istiqdam office along with your application reference number and all documents.

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