3 Tips to get Emergency Treatment in Saudi Arabia

All of us know about the worst traffic situations in Riyadh. How can an ambulance easily make its way out of it Ambulances are seen trapped in this traffic, mostly not seen to move far very fast? I wonder if it’s an emergency what will happen then. It is scary because that might be me someday needing it, God forbid! This is a situation when the siren of an ambulance itself is screaming at a very high pitch but is ignored by the drivers and none of them bothers to move an inch. It is very commonly seen that ambulances are waiting for traffic to clear up so that it can proceed to the hospital or to the house of the sufferer. No one gives an inch way even to the ambulance, even after the emergency siren’s screaming![irp]

When I am driving I always try to give way to ambulance thinking of that it is my responsibility towards others. Even if I am not driving I make sure to give way by asking the one accompanying me to do so coz I feel it inside myself, the pain of someone else in dire need of the emergency service. I wonder why others don’t feel so! Such situations forced me to think and wonder how to get emergency services when needed immediately and what is the standard here. Some strategies should be adopted and taken care of when demanding emergency services because it’s a bit tricky and difficult to avail the service here in Saudi Arabia and one should be fully prepared to face the consequences.[irp]

1-After dialing the emergency service provider number of 997 you can approach the Red Crescent in your colony with the patient. Almost all the compounds have placed these signs at different places where you need to rush in case of such emergencies. Ambulance service will reach at this place before any other place. If you are living in a flat, it is better to come downstairs with the patient so that treatment can be provided to the patient as soon as Ambulance reaches the point.

2-There is one plus point for those who lack knowledge and expertise in the Arabic language because there won’t be any delay if demanded emergency services if you don’t know the Arabic language to communicate.  Terms in American English can help you to approach for ambulance service from the Red Crescent team. Terms like “paramedic” and “RTA” are quite common.

3-Medical insurance is part of the work contract for most of the expats out there. It is the requirement and law of the labor work over here.  These are cut short three strategies for availing medical services in an emergency. God forbids if anyone needs it at any time; pray that it is not peak traffic hour! Otherwise, the situation would be something you can better imagine yourself.

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