Choosing the right petrol In Saudi Arabia – 91 or 95

Petrol is needed for every vehicle that is just common sense but what variant of petrol? You won’t know that or you may get confused invariants!  In Saudi Arabia, there are two petrol variants available, 91 or 95.

Many of you out there especially the expats must be confused for which one to choose or what exactly is the difference between the two. Some of you might not even know these 91 or 95 things.

Our article will solve your problem by explaining in detail the two variants and the best option to go for!

91 and 95, both the variants are unleaded in Saudi Arabia. All the cars can run on 95 but not all of them can run on 91. The 95 variants basically include the 91 variants of petrol together with some additives such as methane and lead etc. that increase its octane value.

1130 Choosing the right petrol In Saudi Arabia – 91 or 95

One needs to check it with the car manual to see what petrol variant is suitable for it. Usually, cylinders that are bit thicker (I guess that’s what you can say) can take in 91 variants and run on that. 

Generally bigger cars run on that bigger number that is 95, and the small ones on 91. It is not basically the car size that matters but the engine size! So, keep that in mind and follow the instruction manual of your vehicle.

It is an assumption that 95 petrol will provide your car with extra energy (mileage). That is not the case in reality. So, the thought that 95 petrol is very good, is wrong completely. 

Higher octane number doesn't mean good quality but instead, it just means a different type of blending of iso-octane and heptane. The energy provided by both is just the same.

1130 Choosing the right petrol In Saudi Arabia – 91 or 95 02

Fuel with a higher-octane number can withstand more of the compression before detonating. So, in general, higher octane rating fuels are used in high-compression engines that generally have a higher performance.

According to a study, 85% of the cars won’t benefit extra if used premium 95 petrol. So, in short, the high-performance engines are designed such that to operate with a high maximum compression, and thus it demands fuels with higher octane which is 95.

Its rate is about SR 1.37 per liter which is less than that of the 95 variants. Indicated by red color on pumps is Super Premium 95 and the liquid is red in color too. The rate is SR 2.04 per liter and the RON is 95.

1130 Choosing the right petrol In Saudi Arabia – 91 or 95 03

Question: My Fortuner's Gas tank cover is Green 91 but an engineer in Toyota advised to use Red 95 for better performance! Was he correct, should I take his advise?

Answer: Higher compression engines need higher octane fuel so ignition doesn't need to be retarded from the knock sensors in the engine block… If you run low octane fuel in late model high compression engines with knock sensors you could be losing out on performance and fuel efficiency

According to your car model, you can find out the right petrol variant by visiting Aramco website.

If you are using the “wrong” grade of fuel, don’t worry as it will not damage your vehicle’s engine, but it can hinder its optimal performance. Newer luxury car models are often recommended to use higher octane ratings.

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