The relationship between Rape and Saudi Women Driving

I personally loathe how people these days connecting rape with everything women do. They don’t realize that it is not women who are responsible for this disrespectful act instead its men. But that, overall, is another debate. The media, on the other hands, needs to focus on cases and issues which are sensible and have some point in them. But when I see popular and decent Arab channels portraying news which is more towards the entertaining and fun side rather than being practical and giving some sense to the viewers, it surprises me and this thing happened recently here.[irp]

Rotana Khaliija’s TV show welcomed Mr. Sudoon on its TV show and you will be equally surprised to know that Mr. Sudoon stated how the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia is to prevent them being raped, as the cars may stop functioning in the middle of the road. The host laid a counter argument in front of him by saying that women can drive in the US and Europe to which Mr. Sudoon replied that women there don’t care if they are openly raped, however, our females do.  Apparently, Mr. Sudoon had also stated how he has been thinking about women getting raped by their male drivers so he gave a solution that Saudi should hire female foreign nationals as drivers so the women passengers could protect themselves.

As Mr. Sudoon stated this, the host could not control her laugh.  However, no one ever said that Mr. Sudoon shouldn’t have said this because such absurd opinions do exist in our society.  The problem is that this news has been spread and is now being covered by several channels and newspapers which portray a negative image of our religion although our religion is nothing like that. The only thing I was considering about was why there was no counter argument against Mr. Sudoon’s pathetic views. There should have been some female from the Shoura Council who could have said that not every Muslim or Arab person shares the same view as Mr. Sudoon.

The host did go against him in the show but it was not taken as an argument. Let me tell you, this is the same TV channel which invited a medical doctor to prove a Saudi cleric wrong who said that female ovaries can be hurt by driving. Of course, since the cleric was wrong, the doctor didn’t need a lot to say prove him right. Just like there is a ban on women driving, I also fail to understand why there can’t be any cinema halls in this country because there is vague explanation available for it.[irp]

So, as I was shocked by this statement of Mr. Sudoon, I still don’t understand how driving or cinemas can ever harm the women here or people, in general. Of course, it is the country’s law and we MUST adhere to them respectfully but that does not mean one starts to state pointless reasons about it. I believe it was a very futile statement passed by him.

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