11 Pros and Cons of Living in Canada

Located in the North of America, Canada is a country with 10 provinces and 3 territories. Canada has always been said to be the most habitable countries in this world and anyone who is planning to move there for good, should look at the pros and cons of Canada. Canada, since the start, has been offering countless facilities like high standard education and health care, amazing free time activities and a great country to spend your life in when you’re done earning. So, I am going to list below some of the benefits and drawbacks of settling in Canada for good! Starting with the benefits:[irp]

Savings: The most important reason and benefit of Canada are savings that Filipino workers who do their jobs in Canada are said to save more because they earn in a dollar currency which is of utmost value to them. There are several advantages of tax saving in this country as well because the government here is eager to take care of children and their education here so parents never have to worry about the quality of education or to worry about saving money.

Top notch health facilities: Although the government in Canada makes sure the streets are always kept cleaning and the garbage is thrown off properly to ensure everyone’s safe health, there are still some people who need to get themselves treated and they can always go without having to pay anything. Filipino’s, however, have to spend three months in the country before they can start availing health facilities here.

Education: Canada from the start has been offering top standard education with absolutely no money at all. In schools, here, the government and management make sure that they have enough supplies and equipment and certain standards that they maintain for the children to study well.

Jobs: Several agencies are set up to provide jobs to people of every age.

Opportunities: Anyone who needs to achieve their aim, Canada always offer aids to them in the form or scholarships, jobs or endless facilities.

Tax benefit: Until the child turns 18, the Canadian government gives out finance to families to help them raise their children.

No age judgment: Canadians don’t judge you at your age, in fact, they encourage you to work even if you’re an elder or aged but healthy person.

Cold climate: It’s a difficult job to adjust yourself in Canada as you are expected to wear your winter wear always.

Away from family: Staying away from close relatives and loved ones is a con but it happens if you move in any country abroad!

Specific jobs: Finding jobs according to your interests might be hard and would expect one to leave their high-level jobs in the home country to do low-level jobs in Canada.

Tax rates are high: Although the government provides tax benefits for certain things, the tax implied on incomes is around 20%-30% which is a lot and people have to pay 15% on the things they buy. So, Canada has both its benefits and drawbacks and before settling there, it’s advisable you do your research about that country!