4 different ways you can cargo your goods from Saudi Arabia

Cargo is not always an expensive option: Cargo is defined as goods that are carried on a ship, aircraft, or motor vehicle which is the transportation of goods in bulk. It is also known as fright or haul. I have always heard how cargo is expensive. Well, to be honest, it is!

Sending heavy stuff that is above 20kg has to be gone through cargo and it puts a dent in your wallet. Just a few days ago, I had to send around 30kg of dates that are a traditional Arabic dried fruit. I had to get these delivered from Riyadh to Islamabad that is the capital of Pakistan.

I was worried because 30 kg of dates is a HUGE parcel and I knew it would cost me way more than I had been expecting.

01-DHL, Aramex, and FedEx is an expensive option: I went to DHL, Aramex, and FedEx to find out their rates for sending a 30-kg parcel to another country and the prices they quoted were high.

I did not know of any other cargo service which teased me a bit but anyway I had to send them somehow so I did my homework and tried to find out what is the easiest and less expensive way of sending these dates!  So, read below as I have listed three mediums through which easy and cheap cargo is possible.

02-Cargo through sea: This is cargo which is done by sea and delivered directly to the receiver’s home. They take around 40-50 days for the parcel to be delivered and the cost is SR3 per kg.

However, there are insurance costs as well as extra costs for electric parcels such as fridges etc. They also take extra money if someone wants to get their parcel wrapped properly in plastic.

Along with this, there are more services like this available in Batha. The coordinates are as followed 24.640737,46.71598

03-Cargo though Saudi Post: This is sent by air and delivered to the receiver’s home. The take around 7 to days for the parcel to be delivered and the cost is SR10 per kg however they do not allow electrical or liquid items to be sent.

There are several places where Saudi Post is in Riyadh and the one I went at was in Mursalat, Riyadh. They have different price quotes for worldwide shipping though which can be checked on their website: https://sp.com.sa/en/Pages/default.aspx

TIP: The maximum number of KGs that they allow is 20 kg but they allow you to send numerous parcels however they do open your parcel to check it so you should carry tapes/pens/markers and scissors and anything else that you would need to wrap the parcel after its done checking.

04-Cargo through Air: This takes 15 to 25 days and the cost is SR 6.7 to 7 per kg and they do take extra charges for electric items or your parcel packed in plastic wraps, like in sea cargo. The coordinates are 24.640737,46.71598.

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