Can we fly drones in Saudi Arabia?

The world and the Saudis have discovered their new technological love: the drones. Even though there had been confusions in the past regarding legality of flying drones in Saudi Arabia, yet this weekend the chief of Aviation went ahead to clear it all.

People have been confused about the legal use of the technological device. The filmmaker, Seif, commented that the drone permits holding had been a matter of confusion since long. The filmmaker said that in the end they would end up either not using the drones in Saudi Arabia or using it illegally.

Rules and regulations regarding holding a drone permit in Saudi Arabia

1-The GACA: The General Authority for Civil Aviation, claimed that a drone permit can be availed at only SR 250. This means that it is within $70. This is the price of recreational drone permit.

2-Those who hold a Saudi ID card or an Iqama are eligible to hold a drone permit which means that non-resident Saudis cannot fly drones in Saudi Arabia.

3-The applicants need to have the make and the serial number of the drone.

4-For the commercial drone permit, the applicants shall first complete their GACA training course. A commercial drone permit is worth SR 500.

5-One drone in Saudi Arabia requires one permit.

6-Holding a drone permit is enough for holding a drone and flying it.

7-To import a drone, the serial number of that drone must be first registered at the GACA website. This will enable the importers to get customs clearance of their drone so that the drone is allowed to enter the country.

Without getting it registered at the website, the customs officers won’t allow the drone to enter Saudi Arabia.

Advantages of issuing Drone permits in Saudi Arabia

1-This decision of issuing the drone permits have indeed made things easier for the hobbyists, enthusiasts and commercial drone operators. In past, they were to face legal actions and even detention for using the technology.

2-The foreign journalists and filmmakers were also confused about the drone use in the Kingdom. They would bring in their drones but were not allowed to use it or even faced problems of getting it passed through at the customs as they did not take permission from the Media Ministry.

3-The permit system shall also eradicate the black market of drones where the drones are sold at a much higher price. Now the drones shall be sold at market prices.

4-The machines will also be sold in the regular markets which would bring down the drone camera price in Saudi Arabia. The answer to the mystery question, where to buy a drone in Saudi Arabia would also be resolved with this action.

Source: Arab News