Women Cannot Drive in Saudi Arabia but what about Children?

For most of the life one lives and is bound to live in Saudi Arabia, he or she must always be obedient towards all the laws that are enforced by the government and authorities. These laws and regulations go for all those who are residents of the Kingdom no matter whether they attain citizenship or whether they are on visit visas and similar situations. The life of all these people must be in line with the laws that are enforced in the Kingdom no matter what. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are not allowed to drive. Like I said earlier, whether these women are residents, expats or visitors in the country-they have to abide by the law by hook or crook.[irp]

As I have covered a read previously on the rights of women on the driving issue in Saudi Arabia, there is one issue that I couldn’t possibly find a direct answer to. When you enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia you are eventually subjected to all the laws. With that, you won’t find women on the roads and streets driving but you can spot tiny, puny heads trying to look over the steering wheel of the car. Do not be mistaken by thinking I mean the car might be pulled over or parked over in some corner or side of the street or road. I mean that you will spot a few little children driving big, small, compact or large vehicles on the roads of the Kingdom! What will surprise you, however, is the fact that there is no strictness take into consideration by the parents, guardians or authorities over this issue.

Many times, you will spot these children un-monitored and drive through the streets or roads alone. However most of the times you will find adults sitting on the passenger seats trying to teach their young ones to drive. Although you cannot ever be sure that these Adults are continuously monitoring the actions of their child. The law profoundly states that children over 18 are permitted to apply for their driving license but the children I have personally spotted driving recklessly over the busy streets of Saudi Arabia are not even teenagers!

The state hasn’t allowed the women to drive considering it an act for their protection and safety but I would want to know whether endangering the lives of these young ones along with the fellow pedestrians is the responsibility or the parents of these young ones?[irp]

Hopefully, after reading this, many parents will try to monitor their children and many children who can possibly understand what I am trying to put forward. They must eventually understand that when the time comes everything will be working for them just as every other adult but right now is the time to stay safe and keep the people around us safe!

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