How to Transfer of Sponsorship under Huroob?

If your Kafeel sets Huroob against your iqama, you are in deep trouble in Saudi Arabia.

All of us know about the restriction of Huroob but do you know that there is still a way to which you can transfer your sponsorship even when you are under Huroob. I have explained it below.

Question by Visitor: Hello Steve, 3.5 months ago, my Kafeel had set Huroob under my Iqama. Now my iqama has expired and my Kafeel is also in the red Nitaqat category.  My Kafeel gave me transfer letter for another company against receiving 9,000 SR.

He gave me only 1 month for transfer to other company but next company failed to send him to transfer request due to dispute with labor office and my Kafeel set me Huroob. But now that company wants my transfer.

Please tell me how this possible I need your kind advice.

Answer by Steve: If your Kafeel is in the red Nitaqat category, you can just go to the new company and they will transfer you to their sponsorship even without the permission of your current Kafeel.

Take it as a golden opportunity and try to transfer yourself during the time he is in red.

Question by Visitor: But Steve my Kafeel reported me absent from work (Huroob), in that condition is it possible what are u telling me?

Answer by Steve: Yes, it is possible

Response by Visitor: Thanks, Steve, Alhamdulillah my transfer has been completed. You gave me exact guideline & I described it to my project manager so he enforced upper management to complete my transfer according to your guideline.

Then the grace of almighty my transfer has been finished. Steve, bundles of thanks again! May ALLAH give u more success & prosperity in health wealth & Eman.


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