Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities of the World

In and around the world, crime and violence have undoubtedly taken a steep and steady rise within the past centuries. The reason behind it seems much clear either for super powers of certain states getting the importance they need, or the countries try to fight with one another to get rid of poverty. Eventually in either of these cases somehow many of them lose their lives and have continued to for over the past centuries. Though, with such advancements and developments in the world, we would have predicted the opposite. In my opinion poverty and injustice plays a very important part in the rise in crime rates around the globe.  Today, I have compiled and brought together a list of some of the most dangerous cities in the world. They have not only taken a keen interest in the eyes of the United Nations Operatives and Members but have also have had their labels highlighted clearly. As tourists have begun to move in and out of different continents and cities from around the globe as part of leisure or business, they must also be careful of what they might be facing. This list should be given a read as it can protect them from the ill practices and crimes of the city supposedly as a warning since travelers enter at their own risk. The list in ascending order is as given below;[irp]

Kabul-Afghanistan: Quite a long time ago this was an enormous and beautiful city. This city was a Muslim center hold. Now suddenly things have changed greatly and everything has fallen apart for this city. After the Taliban, fled into the city and made it one of its own? These are the very same Taliban who were responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attack in the United States of America. Suicide bombings and drown attacks are carried on the city and other parts of Afghanistan. Some of these are either from the terrorists or from the American Government. This city now has nothing to offer, the infrastructure has been dismantled completely!

Mogadishu-Somalia: This was a while ago declared as the world’s most dangerous city. The United Nations and other embassies and pulled out from the capital Mogadishu and other cities. Since 1991 the government has stepped out and there is complete chaos within the city. It was reported that the Al-Qaeda tried to get hold of much of the situation in Somalia trying to bring it under its own wing but the African Union Fighters have finally swept them out.

Baghdad-Iraq: Widespread rioting and no control over law and order within and about the city.

Cuidad Juarez-Mexico:  This city is the center hold for all the drug mafias and is most definitely accountable for trading and smuggling. Bad cops eventually make the situation worse for the city.

Abidjan-Ivory Coast: This city has could improve on its crime rates from other the years but somehow still has a very long way to go. The turning point came up to be when their former president Larent Gbagbo was arrested and replaced by President Allasane Oualtara.

Sana’a-Yemen: The Al-Qaeda continues to keep their foot of the south wing of Yemen causing unrest not only within the country but also affecting the neighboring countries. Last year there had been unrest against the former president who has now been replaced. The new president has been trying to set of attacks on the southern wing of Yemen against the Al-Qaeda troops but this has somewhat worsted up the situation.[irp]

Peshawar-Pakistan: Peshawar once belonged to one of the kindest and generous people of Pakistan. It not only was one of the prime locations attracting many of its local and foreign visitors but also has many scenic beauties that have yet to be discovered. But over the past 5 years, things have changed radically. Peshawar is at the northern end of Pakistan, neighbors to Afghanistan. Over the years, terrorist groups have entered the country and brought of unrest and colossal damage to the lives of many innocent including children. The Incident in December 2014 at the Army Public School couldn’t provide a better example.

Caracas-Venezuela: This city is a drug trafficking center and the police have no control over the situation.

Nairobi-Kenya: Al Shaba militants have launched attacks and street crimes and continued to take a step within the city.

Cape Town-South Africa: Since this has been a tourist destination for quite some time and especially during the FIFA World Cup, we cannot ignore street crimes have also been high. One cannot travel alone in the city during the night especially women.

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