Selection of an Airplane Seat may save your Life

Being involved in an accident seems to be the end of the world for most people. The accident can be either of a car, roadside, boat or the plane crashes that are one of the most horrific ones. Growing up and listening to the accident of the Titanic always gave me the goose bumps. We didn’t even have to imagine what catastrophe had struck on the lives of those aboard that unfortunate ship since the movie provided a well enough idea. But that was an incident of a ship and there were fewer chances of surviving. Centuries ago we didn’t have the planes which are now reported to have been said the safest mode of transportation for long distances.[irp]

Though with all of this there have to be precautions taken. We never know which could be our possible flight or our last possible day. For the past few years, there have been certain casualties that have been associated with several airlines from around the world especially TransAsia. Some reports that have been compiled state that there are a few seats on the plane that can eventually save the lives of those on the board of the plane during an accident. On board of one of the recent plane crash were a couple and their son who had switched their seats minutes before takeoff and have survived the crash.

The father reported that he, his wife and his son were sitting on the left-hand side row of the plane and had asked whether they could get their seats changed after hearing some noise in the left wing. This decision proved to be very lucky for the family and now they are amongst the very few survivors. In certain surveys and reports, it has been said that the people sitting in the first five rows next from the exit door are more likely to survive a plane crash or accident since they can evacuate as soon as possible. The report also said that the first 90 seconds after the accident or crash are crucial. This time can decide whether a passenger on board can safely exit the plane.[irp]

Also, it is important to note that on most incidents and occasions when a plane crashes with the nose of the plane hitting first the tail of the plane usually remains intact on 90% of the occasions. This suggests that the last four rows of the plane can provide to be life savers as well. In the end, we all really don’t know what could possibly happen in the next minute of our lives but it’s always good to be on the safe side. This read doesn’t mean to say that the ones seated on the center seats will die for sure; it just means that miracles happen and we all shouldn’t lose soon enough. I hope none of us ever have to be in such a situation but if you are, you’ll know much about when you’re safe!

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