What is the Duration of Ban to enter back to Saudi Arabia in Case of Huroob?

The most difficult situation which an expatriate can face in Saudi Arabia is Huroob. I pray none of us have to face this situation. If you run away from your sponsor, Saudi Law gives this liberty to the sponsor to set Huroob under your iqama.

Once the Huroob is set, you would not be able to renew Iqama. After the expiry of Iqama, you will be staying in Kingdom illegally. If you go back to your country without removing Huroob, you will have to face a ban period before coming back to Saudi Arabia.

The ban period which an expatriate has to face differs from the type of Huroob set by the employer. We have discussed it in detail in the below paragraphs.

Huroob due to Not Reporting to Work: If the employer has set Huroob under your Iqama as you were not reporting to work, you can go back to your country using any of the below mentioned ways.

However, if the employer does not remove Huroob and you go back with Huroob status to your country, you will have to face a ban period. In case if Huroob is set due to not reporting to work, ban period is 3 years.

If you try to come back during these 3 years, you will have to face consequences discussed in this link “Return of Deported Expatriates to Saudi Arabia”. However, it is important to mention here that

  • There will be no ban to go to GCC countries in this case
  • You can always enter back to Saudi Arabia on Umrah or Hajj Visa

Ways to go back to Country in case of Huroob due to Not Reporting to Work

Deportation through Detention Center: The procedure you need to adopt in first two cases have already been explained. Now if you opt for the third option, Police will arrest you and send you to the detention center.

Detention centers are different from Jails. Saudi government will process your documentation and you will be deported to your country upon your personal expense. The living expenses in the detention center are also your personal responsibility.

Huroob due to Criminal Activity: If Huroob is set by the employer as you are involved in some criminal activity e.g. stealing money, fraud, murder etc. the process will be different.

1-Now after setting the Huroob, the employer will report against you in the Police.

2-Police will be searching for you everywhere and as soon as you are caught you will have to the litigation process. We have shared some useful tips “What to do if arrested by Police in Saudi Arabia”.

3-If the court decides against you, you will have to spend imprisonment in Saudi Arabia.

4-After completion of imprisonment, you will be deported to your native country.

5-In this case, you will not be able to come back to Saudi Arabia on any type of visa.

6-Moreover, you would not be able to enter to any GCC country on any type of visa.

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