Horse Riding for Men and Women in Saudi Arabia

While there are some activities that women in Saudi Arabia cannot do, horse riding is not included in that. Horse riding is one specific activity that even women in Saudi Arabia can do. It’s a very fun activity where one can sit on the horse’s back and ride it. As masculine this activity may sound, horse riding is an emerging interest amongst women and is done all over the world. Riding horses is an amazing time killing activity however one needs to be trained enough to ride it so that no harm is caused to themselves or the horse, in any way. Non-governmental places have been developed where women can go for horse riding to loosen up themselves by taking off their Abayas and riding freely.  But this does not mean that women take advantage of this rule because there are a couple of men of that center, roaming around here and there.[irp]

Anyway, so a few days ago, my wife along with my son went to this Trio Ranch which was near our place for horse riding. It was known as the Trio Ranch and was an essential place for young adults! We reached there around 8.30 when the weather was nice. This ranch was basically a sports center that facilitated people well and offered a lot of things. This place was not much shady but it was relaxing and comfortable. Snacks and drinks are served here and other sports activities are also offered here such as golf and tennis. There are lots of separate sections made where horses are given training and other lessons are held for amateur riders. The good part about this center is, it was not just a complex that offered activities but had a huge number of staff members, trained and hired for different purposes here.

There is even a huge swimming pool developed JUST for horses so if the weather gets too hot and suffocating for them, they just take a dip in the pool. Kidding! They don’t dip in; they walk inside to cool off themselves. For ease of the people, several kinds of memberships are provided in this complex. For members, it’s around 1,000 riyals per year and non-members are charged 150 riyals for just their own lesson. Service like riding a pony is also available for people who are already trained horse riders! Anyway, my son started to ride a horse and although it was his first time, he was just simply amazing! It was like seeing a trained horse rider run a horse.[irp]

Although my son plays rugby and is into sports a lot, his body still hurt a lot after riding and to cure that, I guess we will just have to get him proper clothing and equipment for horse riding and I am sure he will do wonders! So, horse riding seems like a pretty fun activity, especially after I saw it with my own eyes! There is another huge complex being developed in Jeddah for horse riding and let’s hope, whenever I go there, I ride a horse too. Hopefully as good as my son!

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