Halal way of Slaughtering in the eyes of Non-Muslims

Having a husband who was raised and resided in Saudi Arabia for a long time, it took me a while to understand how Muslims slaughter their animals in the most halal way possible that is confirming to the dietary laws, in Islam. Rather than painful, it is instead a very respectful way in which Muslims slaughter their animals for various purposes. This is the very compassionate and sympathetic way used by the Muslims to slaughter their animals and I totally favor this way. There are some rules which Muslims have to follow to slaughter an animal in the Halal way. These rules are;

  • To begin with, the animals must be fed and taken care of properly and no oppression should be done on them before slaughtering.
  • The animals must be slaughtered with a very sharp butcher knife, which MUST be more than four times wider than the neck of the animal, on their neck area so that just one cut slaughters the animal and no pain is felt by them.
  • Other animals should be nowhere near the animal being butchered and all the blood must be taken out of the dead animal’s body right away!
  • The animal should be killed in a position where it’s facing the Makkah and a Holy Quranic verse has to be recited before slaughtering them.

Raised in Arizona my entire childhood life, I once had to go through a very shocking yet interesting incident that left me devastated for a couple of days. Back when I was just 10, I and my friends were made to stand near the fence and watch how two ranchers, walking down with guns known as rifles in their hands came and show a cow in front of us. Oh, how words are not enough to explain how extremely upsetting that was. To add a cherry on top, they next hung it bottom up, cut its neck to let the blood flow out and kept cutting it until there was just blood and blood remaining in the entire field. It was sadistic to watch something like this happen at such a young age and only I know how disheartened I was, for days![irp]

Since my husband was a Saudi Arabian risen lad, he never found this whole slaughtering scene as something unusual because this is a very common procedural happened amongst all the Muslims and he had been experiencing this since he was a child. Back in the 1950s, when my husband used to reside in Saudi, they never had ready to be bought meat in the markets so slaughtering was the ONLY way back then. However now, it’s even done for many other purposes in the Muslim community.

But lately, my friend informed me how the teachers bought a rabbit in her son’s classroom, asked the kids to play with it and then teach the kids how animals are slaughtered the halal way. But after representing this, they very casually picked up the rabbit and threw it in the dustbin. Ok HELLO? It makes absolute sense to kill a rabbit for purposes like eating or using the fur but how exactly is it fair for the deceased animal or the kids watching it throw it in such a cruel way? It surprised my friend’s son in a very negative way and after my friend took this scene to the school’s admin notice, they replied how it was just her and no other parents felt the same way as her. I am completely against of this because no kind of animal cruelty is ever acceptable!

Writer: The Writer is a wife of a Saudi Husband

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