4 Reasons due to which Riyadh is the 46th safest city in the World

Every person needs security because it is there right. Countries and cities, these days are not safe to live freely in. People are scared and living in an environment where no one is safe these days. Life expectancy is less. Bomb blasts and terrorism prevails worldwide. In all these circumstances, there are cities who manage to be a part of the list of top 50 safest cities and our own Riyadh is one of them. Riyadh very proudly is among those top 50 safest cities. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) formulated the safest cities list following a criterion. It is pride for the whole Kingdom for Riyadh to be on the list. It is safe not only for women to walk the streets at night but also every local person without the sense of fear or worry.  To be exact Riyadh is on the 46th position in the list of those 50 cities.  On the first position is Tokyo which is the most populated city worldwide while on the last but not the least 50th position is of Jakarta with over 10 million of the population. This is mentioned in the economist magazine based on some criteria we have mentioned next. There were four indicators used during formulation of this list. These are;[irp]

The first and most important indicator is the Digital city security, and rate of identification of theft plus cyber security. Based on these security reforms, Riyadh received 53.26 percent taking the 43rd position in this category. In digital security criteria, Los Angeles and New York tops the list. European cities score poorly in the category of digital security.

The second indicator is related to health. Life expectancy and accidental deaths including hospitalized patients and beds in proportion to the population plus the quality and cost of health services provided make up this category. On this indicator, Riyadh scored 53.33 percent. In terms of health safety and infrastructure Zurich leads the table.

The third indicator is related to the infrastructure safety including quality of roads, the architecture of buildings, communication, transportation, sewerage systems and the whole framework including disaster-related deaths. 61.53 percent was the score granted to Riyadh on this scale.

And the last one is the personal security, which includes the police intervention, the team providing personal safety to everyone protecting them from violence also measuring the number of crime victims. Riyadh scored 60.26 percent on this indicator as security is very tight in the city particularly related to foreigners while renting them houses, and army units and police, heavily armed seen very often. The last one in the personal safety category is Ho Chi Minh City whereas Tehran stood second last in health security measures.

Regardless of the list there is a difference between safety and feeling unsafe. Also, there might be numerous other indicators to categorize cities for their safety, this list includes just four and needs to be edited or modified with more indicators for an authentic more accurate list.

Source: Arab News

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