5 Beautiful places to visit in the Philippines

By staying in the Philippines for so long, we have encountered various beautiful places especially Islands that are stuck in our minds due to their natural and exquisite beauty and we have made it a point to describe them in gorgeous ways for our foreigner friends out here in Riyadh. The Philippines is full of breathtaking islands and I am just going to drop a few of them which I have visited, so far. Philippines is a great place for people who love beaches, resorts and mountains because this place has SO many islands that one would regret missing out on this. So, for anyone who’s now tempted to go to the Philippines, make sure to read here and understand what the Philippines is all about!

Palawan: Being in Palawan made me realizes how beauty is just not stuck to one place but rather, it is spread at every corner of Palawan. It’s a beautiful island with crystal clear water and a jaw-dropping sand Island. I’ve been to Maldives in my vacations as well but nothing compares to the amount of pleasantness that Palawan gives me and it’s this one specific island that I wouldn’t mind visiting every now and then![irp]

Bohol: Bohol being the most amazing equatorial island ever, I regret not spending a lot of time there. Being there, I rushed to visit its beautiful places but realized that was just not enough especially since there are such lavish resorts opening there. How can one not visit them?! Bohol is the center of several other islands and is the perfect place for a combination of jaw-dropping islands and beautiful resorts![irp]

Albay: The region Bicol is full of places named Caramoan, Sorsogon etc. but being working adults, we have to look out for our vacations and visit as many places as we can and for that, Albay is the perfect place to kick start with! It has a flawless pointy mountain named at Mt. Mayon which tempts us to visit Albay. Anyone who’s a lover of mountains and its activities should add Albay to their go-to list because after you are done with Albay, there’s Bicolandia waiting for you![irp]

Pagudpud: Pagudpud, being a resort bordering the water, is a part of Ilocos Norte which is the center of huge mountains and sea. And let me be honest, words are just not enough to describe the beauty of Pagudpud. The clear like diamond water and the soft and warm sand on the beach is perfect for anyone who’s a fan of beaches! Moreover, there are way too many colorful and happening events happening at Pagudpud that you just cannot miss![irp]

Davao: Davao is one beautiful place that I haven’t visited yet but I can’t wait to visit and check out the famous Aliwagwag falls. I mean what’s more breathtaking than 84 waterfalls? I am sure it looks like heaven on earth and you should add it to your go-to list, just like I have.[irp]