6 Steps Plan to Visit Maldives from Saudi Arabia in Low Budget

Why did we select the Maldives? The Maldives being the perfect destination for holidays, writing about it won’t bring justice since it’s the most relaxing place, one could ever go to and so I did not even bother taking my laptop along unlike my friend who had plans of working!

However, now we are back to Jeddah and since we had the time of our lives I decided on making you guys know exactly how we felt about our most amazing trip ever!

No Visa Required: When the time came to choose where we wanted to spend our time, we planned for the Maldives and one of the main reasons for choosing this destination was that we would have to face zero difficulties going there since we need not apply a visa for the Maldives. Cool no? 

While having so many resort options to choose from and each being it so classy it took us time to opt one. The Maldives has always been a spot where couples after their wedding would go to but oh well, who cares we went anyways!

Why is it important to plan your trip to the Maldives? However, anyone who is thinking we just got up and went to the Maldives is wrong! We, being working adults had the need to plan our holidays accordingly because basically, we were short on time and cash both at the same time.

We were confused between Maldives and Morocco but then we ended up in the Maldives because it has breathtaking beaches and me having an absolute craze for water. Since I was probably the most organized person ever, in our group, I started to plan for the Maldives!

1-Ways to reach the Maldives: I decided to do a survey on the most cost-saving airlines that we could find because our money had already been put into the lavish resorts we booked which I couldn’t in any way let go of, so we chose Fly Dubai!

However, their flights go to Male, which is the capital of Maldives, on a specific day of the week so we had to book our flights accordingly but thank the Lord, we had a long weekend! 

2-What is the perfect time to visit the Maldives? What’s disappointing was the season of water in the Maldives, which is rain because we thought the Maldives was a sunny place. The best time to go there is from October to April.

However, since we went in the off-season, we had the privilege to pay less compared to their hyped season!

3-The best resort to stay in the Maldives: The Maldives is a compact country so we can get to anything there by sea easily. Having endless choices for resorts, we contacted our friend’s sister who is a travel agent in the Maldives and she helped us choose the perfect one. Here’s a jot down of the basic things we wanted;

A-Not spending more than $1000 per person for food and other necessities.

B-Traveling everywhere by sea because it’s fun

C-Villa in the water because normal villas wouldn’t be fun

D-An inexpensive package of 7 days

E-An amazing resort with this budget was impossible however the travel agent was kind enough to get one for us at Medhufushi Island Resort.

4-Important documents: Tourists don’t require a visa there, however, a valid passport is necessary and it’s important to print your papers before going there. Just an advice, get a travel insurance too!

However, you can search on the internet if your nationality can enter the Maldives without having a visa.

5-Things to take: Snacks, easy clothes, and sunblocks are the most important. Don’t go for bulky clothing and keep extra cash for overheads.

6-How much cash to carry to the Maldives? Decent clothing is important since it’s a Muslim country but as soon as you reach, speed boats take you directly to the resorts. So, visit the Maldives, have a great time and spend carefully!

How much cash you should carry? it depends upon your needs. However, if you are paying hotels and resorts through credit card, you don't need to carry more than $500 per person per week.


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