Top 10 Best Filipino Schools in Riyadh

If you have moved into Riyadh with your family and wish to enroll your child in a school, won’t be a problem anymore. Today’s read is a quick overview for the Filipino Schools in Riyadh. You can easily enroll your child in the middle of the academic year as well in these schools and your child’s education will not tamper with the moving.[irp]

Levels Offered: The Schools in the city of Riyadh under the Filipino Embassy offer schooling offer Pre-Elementary, Elementary and High School Education. Though there are schools that also offer Post-Secondary courses including business management, computer sciences and liberal arts along with special courses for IT occupational courses such as CISCO training courses and computer courses for beginners.

Documents Required for Enrollment: There are certain documents that are needed for admissions to be processed at almost all the Filipino schools in Saudi Arabia. However, the admission process depends much on the grade level you wish to enroll your child in. The documents needed are;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Iqama of the parents
  • Passport of Parents and child
  • Colored passport sized photographs
  • Original report card
  • Form 137
  • Honorable dismissal from the previous school
  • Certificate of good moral character
  • Tuition Fees and Scholarship programs:

Fee Structure: Like most schools, there is a certain fee structure for the year that has to be followed. For a child, the average tuition rates are 6,000 – 6,500SR for one whole academic year. You have the option of either paying the fees on monthly, quarterly or lump basis. Some schools also offer discounts for the 2nd or 3rd sibling enrolled. The 4th sibling enjoys a 50% discount and the 5th is free from paying tuition fee. Similarly, the high achievers of the class enjoy the privilege of being on scholarship till they moment they manage to maintain their grades.

Curriculum: The curriculum followed in the Filipino schools is prescribed and is from DepEd. Each child has to study Math, English, Science, Computers, Araling Panlipunan or Sibika Filipino, MAPE and THE. Though, they will also have to study the Arabic Language, Saudi History and Islamic Studies just as the other schools in Saudi Arabia which are mandated by the Saudi Ministry of Education.

School Activities, facilities, and Services: The Filipino schools offer a wide range or extracurricular activities that include sports, Intrams, Field Demonstration during the school’s foundation week, Quiz competitions, Science congress etc. students can join different clubs, write for the school newspaper and join the student council organizations. The schools usually consist of a library, gym, laboratory, clinic, canteen and a playground either indoor or outdoor. Students can also enroll themselves for tutoring if they need special help and can avail the school bus system.

Classroom Size and Gender Segregation:  Like the rest of the schools in Saudi Arabia this plays an important part for education and all classes are segregated. Boy and Girls have separate buildings for them to attend classes and each class can withhold nearly 20-30 students at most!

  1. International Philippine School in Riyadh (IPSR)
  2. Second Philippine International School (SPIS)
  3. Elite International School (EIS)
  4. Riyadh International School (RIS)
  5. Future Generation Philippine International School (FGPIS)
  6. Al Danah International School (ADIS)
  7. Millenium International School (MIS)
  8. Al Taj International School (ATIS)
  9. Palm Crest International School (PCIS)
  10. Fawaq International School (FIS)

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