6 Rides you should not miss in the Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Over the vacations, either during the summer break or the winter break, a family will always try to spend these precious days wisely. They would obviously want to get their mind off from work, hectic schedules and studies. During this time, they would want to spend quality time together and make a good and memorable day for each member of the family. Today’s read will do exactly that! Have you ever been to the beautiful and most wonderful city of Abu Dhabi? If yes, then have you paid a visit to “Ferrari World”? If no, you have absolutely wasted you trip my going to Abu Dhabi.

“Ferrari World” is one of the most appreciated and busiest tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi where tourists from around the world always pay a visit, sometimes once on their short trip, but most of the times they visit at least twice. This place can satisfy everyone needs! Literally EVERYONES! This big compound consists of the world’s fastest roller coaster, the second largest museum showcasing the history of the evolution in all the different models of Ferrari vehicles, the world’s largest indoor park and the world’s tallest building too. These are some of the highlight’s one will obviously hear about before indulging themselves into this world of cars and vehicles.

You may seem to wonder that women and girls will not enjoy this place because of having any fondness or love for the vehicles and cars or the mechanics and structures but you will obviously have to reconsider your point of views ladies since this will change your perception. Once inside this compound, I am sure you wouldn’t want to get out. So, begin with first comes first and that is to get in line for buying yourself passes. There are two types of passes available, one being the ordinary and one being the premium. The Ordinary pass costs about 240 AED and the Premium was for 390AED. If you may be wondering, what is the difference between them, there is none. The premium will only help you on busy days when you wish to save time, this way you can have a quick enjoy everything there.

Before you even select your pass to make sure you look behind you and see how many of your friends or family are with you. If you have made the mistake of coming here alone, you have to turn back and never return without your family or friends. You will feel left out as you see all the tourists and visitors there spending quality time together- as they say, the more the merrier! As you will enter the compound you’ll have many places to capture in your camera, make sure you pick your camera along with you though you cannot use them for the rides. For that, the team of Ferrari world has cameras installed that will take photos of you while you are either screaming or feeling noxious. Make sure you collect them while you leave; sometimes they turn out to be cool!

Fiorano GT Challenge somehow is an absolute favorite for most. This ride isn’t for just the kids, it involves to roller coasters launched while are in different lanes, encountering different sharp and steep curves and drifts. You will be in different accelerations and speed so you may get extremely dizzy.[irp]

Next up there is the Speed of Magic that was a 4D experience ride that had followed the story of a fly named Nelo who stole the car keys of a kid’s father. We are supposed to chase Nelo through different atmospheres and climates such as the Rainforests, space, water etc. You may feel dizzy after this too![irp]

Scuderia Challenge involves eight people racing together on actual Ferrari F1 seats with a “too good to be true” simulator that will give you all the chills and thrills you will be feeling on the actual race course. Everything here somehow is the closed to reality feeling. You can pay a 100AED extra and ride the actual Mega Machine behind this F1 stimulator. Though you will have to book a timeslot for this ride and come back later.[irp]

Galleria Ferrari is a place that may seem boring but you will definitely be blown away by the beautiful old cars and vehicles. You can do your part of photography here but you are not allowed to touch the cars.[irp]

Apart from this, you will have to make way to Viaggio in Italia which is a new 4D experience ride that will show you parts of Italy as if you were in a hot air balloon. The views are very much realistic and you can enjoy most of it till you look down!

And finally, the highlight, Formula Rossa that is the world’s fastest roller coaster traveling at 240km/hr. that is even faster than a plane on a runway. The only security inside this is that you have a seat belt and a bar against your waist. Also, some goggles, apart from that you won’t have anything this is part of the thrill of this ride.

That is much about it for the rides though you can enjoy food inside if you have the appetite that is, also make your stop to the expensive souvenir shop too! I hope you have a wild trip ahead here!


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