5 Challenges Faced by Vegetarians in Saudi Arabia

People in the Middle East all belong to different cultures and religions which become a huge topic of discussion, especially when it's related to their eating and drinking habits. Who do you think are targeted the most? Well now obviously, you would know the answer since you've already come across the title of this read. So not to keep you in a bubble I am talking about the vegetarians that are living in the Middle East. Have you ever wondered how much torture it is for them to answer back to the most annoying questions? Trust me you won't, not unless it's you![irp]

Being a vegetarian takes a lot of guts and spiritual strength to take up such a huge promise and abide by it through your life no matter what people say. I am not a vegetarian but I greatly admire their strength since I know well that I can certainly not live without the meat. The vegetarian sector eventually is usually annoyed more by their friends who are constantly charging questions on them trying to know the story behind their decision of staying a vegetarian. Today's read will be a way of telling you why you shouldn't annoy them and how you can be a better friend by applauding them for their decision whether you like it or not.

1-When you are out with your friends and it's time to place the order your nonvegetarian friend will ask you in front of the waiter whether it's okay for him to eat the meat in front of you. How many times has this honestly pissed you off, Non-Vegetarian?

2-While you are at the restaurant on your own part you will ask whether they have something for vegetarians. Surprisingly while you are perfectly enjoying your vegetarian meal your friends will force you to try-on-Vegetarian item once. Though, when you offer them your food they will never be up for it. Surprising, isn't it?

3-Technically you will probably be the only vegetarian amongst your friends making you the odd one out but it certainly doesn't mean that you won't be the best of them. They think you are some sort of animal guardian who wants to protect them, including the eggs laid by the chickens which vegetarians again don't eat. It comes as a shock to you when your friends tell you that the cake you just ate had eggs shortly after coming to know that it did not.

4-Many of your friends will constantly ask you whether you are on a diet and the vegetarian thing acts only as a cover up. So, they are technically saying that I am George Washington in the disguise of Mahatma Gandhi? Awkward.

5-What's so weird about being a vegetarian is that your friends will never understand that there are so many types of foods that have been remade for vegetarians which are not only healthy but delicious too. When you do try to convince them, they call you the Vegetarian Pro who knows knowledge about and answers everything related to the vegetarian sector like a professional!

Being a vegetarian is a challenge and the worst part about it especially if you are away from home is that it takes a huge struggle to find a place near your locality that offers vegetarian food. Maybe sooner rather than later the Non-Vegetarian sector will truly understand the sacrifices.

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