A Saudi man divorces his wife during live radio talk

In a previous article, I mentioned and elaborated on the facts provided by the media regarding the rise in the divorce rate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the past few years. With such cases and news that will hit the media forums, one will obviously find the answer to why there is a rise. Today’s read will be quite unique and shocking to hear especially one unique incident to report as well. We all would have often heard couples getting divorced and women appealing for Khula in courts but you wouldn’t have ever come across such a thing that a man takes a divorce from his wife over a radio show. That is not only Bizarre but insane too.[irp]

This happened nearly three years ago when a man called on a live radio station show that had a religious scholar on its show for the evening. The scholar received a call where a man enquired him that what he should be doing if his wife has caught a flight from Riyadh to Jeddah without letting him know. The man stated that he was notified of his wives traveling plans by text message as she was boarding the plane to Jeddah. He also said that she was traveling without his consent. He specifically denied her to travel to attend a business conference. He also told the scholar that she had been denying his commands and had been disobeying him.

The Scholar without giving much thought to him told the man to give her a divorce! The man trying to obey the scholar immediately called her and gave a divorce while being on a live call on a radio show. The scholar had reported on saying that the man had told him details about his married life that he had been trying to let go of it but his wife would keep disobeying him. The man also told the scholar that he only allowed the wife to continue with her work if it did not come in between her marital responsibilities. The Scholar also reported that his wife was traveling all alone and that is why she must be stopped. The scholar did advise the man to remarry her if she apologizes and can forget about the past neglecting her mistakes.

What surprised me the most was how could any scholar recommend a divorce without knowing anything well? If religious matters and calls are concerned as he said that obeying a husband is a woman’s obligation in Islam, how could the scholar have ever forgotten that one can call for a divorce when there is no more room for reconciliation?[irp]

According to Islam, a man can punish the wife by cutting off all sexual ties and separating rooms or on most extreme cases beating her a little bit that doesn’t leave a mark. Where are, these scholars guiding us? A lot of thought should be given before calling or asking for advice from such people, one must give good thought.

Source: Al Arabiya News

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