Body Piercing on the rise in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has never been part of those countries of the world that seem to follow trends and cultures of other states. In fact, Saudi Arabia is perhaps extremely strict towards all the cultures that are not identical to the ones that are followed by Muslims and conditions that are not laid down in Islam. Now it seems to us that some of the citizens of the Kingdom are willing to challenge the authorities and norms of their society. Surprisingly these are the women of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that are so much fond and affected by the trends that are taking a steep rise in the western countries of the world, one of them being the fatal and somewhat permanent, body piercing.[irp]

Women are always with fashion; in fact, it won’t be wrong to say that without fashion women will just be men. I’m kidding about that but it’s important for us to understand that just as men love the business and have their personal love for cars and football similarly, women love to follow the latest fashion trends and see what’s hot and what is not. It’s part of their genes and impossible to separate them from it. Though I would eagerly want to know what has happened to the women of Saudi Arabia that are now following the trend for body piercing suddenly.

There are several women who do not support the theory of body piercing and are strictly against the practice stating that it doesn’t beautify a woman but only makes her look ugly. In fact, the men of Saudi Arabia also support their view and agree that body piercing will not attract men towards them either ways. It is also correct to say with the religious point of view that body piercing on the face or the body means that you are deforming your face and your body, altering what God has made you with. Thus, scholars and other religious figures strictly forbid it.[irp]

However, the women who are following this trend seem to be affected badly by the western trends and wish to adopt them just to feel free from the restrictions that are placed on their social lifestyle. Any woman from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia certainly has a difficult life to cope with. She has many sets of bars and requirements that she must fulfill and many bars of expectations that she eventually needs to match! After conducting certain interviews with most of these women they all seemed to mention the same thing that they want to feel free from all the restrictions and boundaries.

It’s not whether they like it or not, it’s just because they want to feel that they have a choice of mind and they can do what they feel like. Families are called on these young girls and women to stop this act since it will affect the image of Saudi Arabia.

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