ATM Fraud worth SR 290,000 in Jeddah

ATM Fraud worth SR 290,000: Over the past few years, there have been several cases reported in several of the police stations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding ATM frauds. Recently there has been another one that has shocked the bank and the other authorities.

A transaction of nearly SR 290,000 was made all in one go from several parts of the city of Jeddah, reportedly. Mohammad Al-Aqeeli was at the ATM making his transaction from his daughter’s account. As he turned and was leaving the bank, a man approached him and told him that he had left his card inside the ATM.

How the incident took place? Al-Aqeeli assured him that he picked it and to prove him wrong he turned around and went back to the ATM with the man. There he found another man already waiting for him with a card like that of his daughter’s in his hand.

The other man said that he had taken it out and wanted to him to check whether his transactions were closed. Once he returned home his daughter enquired his father about the transaction and told him that there have been several transactions made through her account and purchases worth a lot of money from several parts of the city.

The case was reported to the bank: The daughter of Mohammad Al-Aqeeli was notified by her bank through SMS. They now realized that they have been scammed. The father reported the incident to the police, the respected bank and the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.

They were told that there have been similar cases in the past. We cannot know yet whether the family can get back the money they have lost. Probably because of one mistake by the father they had to lose so much money. If only Mohammad Al-Aqeeli would have checked his own pocket for her daughter’s card rather than believing on two absolute strangers!

Tips to Avoid Card Skimming Device at Cash Withdrawal Machines

01-People should check ATM device for any such possible activity by tempering them. In case any indication to duplication chip or device is evident, report it to agencies or authorities timely.

02-For secure transactions, avoid withdrawing money from any such ATM machine that is devised on a side place with less light or crowd availability. Such areas are more prone to incidents and mishaps.

03-ATM machines where security guards or security cameras are not available, they must be avoided in order to avoid any incident from criminals.

04-In case a card slot is not accepting card or it is hard to insert card don’t push card inside. It is a better option to go for any other machine for secure transaction.

05-Once your card is stuck inside the machine, you can’t remove it without the assistance of Bank ATM authorities. In case the transaction is being done during the night, one can’t get its card back before a reasonable period.

06-It is a better option to choose such areas for ATM transaction where more people and security guards are available. In such areas, there is less risk of criminal activities due to more security measures.

07-ATM machines and cards are modern ways for money mobility but they can be proved dangerous if the user is not a careful person. Care is better than cure and one should be careful enough in this regard to avoid any unpleasant activity.