Why are a majority of Saudi residents having Vitamin D deficiency?

Saudi Arabia is one of those countries that lie on the Earth’s Sunbelt throughout the year. Despite this, it has been shown by various studies that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia might be the plague of Vitamin D deficiency. It can be extremely surprising since the country has plenty of sunlight throughout the day yet these problems somehow have risen in the Kingdom. Vitamin D deficiency is caused by not getting enough exposure that is not getting enough sunlight throughout the day, not eating enough of nutrients that are needed for a healthy body etc. This plenty much increases the fact of eating much of Junk food that does not supply the basic nutrients. Obviously eating more of that food will not satisfy the body requirements and will cause pain in the back of your neck, lower back and severe and prolonged headaches.[irp]

The importance of Vitamin “D” in your Body: The reason as to why this Vitamin is so important is because this helps to absorb Calcium and Phosphorous in the bones. Is seems to be that the reason why there is a danger of a vitamin D deficiency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is because of staying indoors extensively. This results in not being able to stay under sunlight and the body being deprived of Vitamin D. Other reasons include the use of black shades inside cars and using blinds at home. Vitamin D deficiency does not only cause physical weakness and pain but can also cause prolonged depression phases, sexual dysfunction and other problems that include not being to concentrate, memory impairment and so on that cannot be resolved very easily.

On the reports and basis of many doctors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia it has been said that the best time of day for the absorption of sunlight is from 8 am to 10 am during the winter and from 9 am to 11 am in the summers followed by evening timings from 2 pm to 4 pm. Sitting for at least half an hour during this time will give us the opportunity to stay safe as much as we possibly can.

Despite keeping in view that the country of Saudi Arabia is one of the most developed and structured countries in the World with great health facilities, yet there are instances where the people must suffer from illnesses and diseases that can easily be cured with just a bit of prevention. The Government can probably carry out some activities with the help of some organizations that can encourage the families and youngsters to take part and minimize the trouble of being subjected to the defiance.[irp]

Sources of Vitamin D: Sunlight, Tuna Fish, Orange Juice, Milk, Yogurt, Margarine, Liver of Beef, Eggs, Cheese, Mushrooms and other Dairy products. Not only Tuna Fish but another type of Oily Fish is also very good for the improvement of Vitamin D deficiency in your body.

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