Right of Khula (Divorce) for Women in Saudi Arabia

People from all around the globe often find the discussions related to the principles and laws laid down by Islam very interesting. In fact, they rather find them unjust and consider the religion doesn’t treat its member with equality and denies them their rights, especially when it comes to women of the society. However, this is never the case and this seems to be only a misunderstanding that many people from outside of the folds of Islam cannot possibly know without fully understanding Islam.[irp]

On many different forums, all we often hear and can find is how much people from the other societies and religions criticize Islam on how they treat their women with inequality. They simply find it easier to blame without having full knowledge rather than first researching and then accordingly bringing about a discussion forward that may prove them right. It is also very important to address some Religious Beliefs about marriages which are not true.

Right now, the most important topic that needs much of elaboration is how much Islam has given rights to the women within their fold, MORE THAN THE MEN. I am not yapping; I mean the statement that I just made. Islam is one of those very few religions where a woman can take ‘Khula’ from her husband. Khula is an Arabic word that literally means to take a divorce from the husband when he doesn’t want to. On many cases, the reason why women file for Khula is that they are not treated properly by their husbands or they are neglected and not given the needs they rightfully deserve. Many of the couples are still not aware of their rights and thus cause many more conflicts that somehow cannot be resolved and instead a divorce seems to be the only way out. In Islam, women are given the full right to take a divorce from their husband and it is said that they must separate from each other with kindness.

Many of these women are not allowed to take Khula no matter how badly they are treated as per the call of their family. In many parts of our society, a woman cannot ask for a divorce even when she needs it. Many lawyers often find their clients coming back for the next hearing either bruised due to domestic violence caused by their husband or either pregnant. What is, however, much of an issue in these Saudi Courts related to Khula is that most husbands do not want it and miss out on the courts hearing on purpose which delays the process for divorce.[irp]

The wife when gets pregnant in this time, for the husband it seems to be the ideal foundation for taking leverage and changing the mind of the wife. If the courts can find a bit stricter laws against missing out on hearings maybe women can be at more ease. Divorce is their right which they cannot be deprived off no matter how much the society may later ill treat them!

Source: Arab News

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