What is the Divorce Rate in Saudi Arabia?

Marriage is one of those pure cultural rituals that is highly practiced and followed by people for years. In fact, this is one of those rituals that once were based entirely on luck. Families tied the knots long before the individuals were of an age to make the decision for them. As soon as the girl crossed the age of eighteen she was tied to the permanent knot. Now, however, these knots are tied after the full understanding of these individuals and only then do they get married. They both now prefer to first get engaged and in that time trying to get to know their partner just to be on the safest side as possible. Long before this culture evolved a woman would generally accept the first proposal that came to her door without fully knowing whether the man would prove to be an idealized husband and whether he would be a perfect match for her.[irp]

I believe that maybe with time women and men both become more mature with age. Now, however, many couples do believe that their lives will be easier by getting married to the ones they have chosen after months of thought. Despite all of this, Saudi Arabia is one of those countries where the divorce rate is very high. A study reported that every hour five couples are divorced which is a very deep issue that requires full social attention.

The biggest issue in all this that we are unable to derive a solution to this and unable to understand the reason why couples are being torn apart from one another. In this modern age, it shouldn’t have been an issue but sadly it is and by clock ticks even in this very hour where I may be typing regarding this issue a couple maybe going through this procedure! To be quite honest it makes a huge difference just by knowing the spouses better.

I personally have always believed that marriage or any other relationship depends upon understanding, compromise, and sacrifice. Without either of these, any relationship will not be able to keep afloat! We might consider the possibility that many marriages only fail because of not being to communicate with their spouses or not being able to solve their personal matters themselves. The right to divorce is the right of the individual but it shouldn’t be used just because a couple cannot find a way to a dead end.[irp]

There is always a way! A genuine advice that can be given is for the newlyweds to attend sessions where guidelines are given on how to make a marriage work. One of the most important reasons in all of this is eventually because women do not understand the spouse and vice versa. I am certainly not saying that every other marriage can be perfect if one can master the skills of communicating but at least it’ll be worth a start.

Source: Arab News

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