SR 108 million spent on Birth Control Pills every year in Saudi Arabia

Living in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been a very good experience for me so far. Western media tries its level best to defame the country and its people but Saudis are good people. While talking about women, they talk about Saudi women as they are women from the age of stones. Well, this is not the case nowadays. Women of Saudi Arabia are allowed access to study and go to school and in most cases, get a higher education. Now women know exactly what can be the costs of living in such a society where one cannot survive without being financially aided. Today’s read will be a bit of an eye opener and for some, it may be surprising especially if you already have a mindset against the Saudi and Muslim women.[irp]

For many of the people living in the western parts of the world they have a bit of pride on the basis that they are well educated, carrying on their married life as well as doing everything in the best interests of their family they often forget that there are several other countries despite being part of the Muslim culture are smart enough to make decisions for the best interest of their family. In a report made in 2014, it was stated that women in Saudi Arabia spend nearly 108 Million Saudi Riyal on the purchase of birth control pills!

If you wished to act surprised no one will stop you because this report did prove to be the most shocking report of the year. After having several interviews with few gynecologists, it is shown that many of the women visit them even before their marriage! They want to know family control plans and most importantly they purchase birth control pills months before their marriage as they don’t want to entitle themselves to the responsibility of being a parent right after the marriage. Many of these women also state that they do not want to get pregnant not before their first or second wedding anniversary. Also, these Saudi women know exactly how costly it can be to have children. Starting from the delivery of a child that nearly costs about SR 20,000 followed by other child necessity items that will follow including education and health all till the age of eighteen where they can take of themselves.[irp]

Now, however, the Saudi families know exactly how much controlling the birth rate of the world is important. They now wish not to have children more than three if they can afford it otherwise most Saudis put their hands up for having no more than 2 children. Maybe all these expenses made by the Saudi women will not go to waste, eventually!

Source: Arab News

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