8 Tricks to identify fake job offers posted online

In today’s materialistic world, we have everything fake and duplicates. People, in order to earn sufficient, find out fake ways to do fraud with others, loot them and grab money or make a fool out of them.  People, who are looking forward to work as an expat, travel across the country for earning a healthy income, search for a job almost all the time. Any company offering a job of their type is their favorite company and hence the only choice. So they apply to as many job vacancies as possible without checking its authenticity. Such people make a fool out of themselves really easily because they fail to identify the fake offers. This is because they are so much attracted to that vacant position that they hardly pay attention to the fakeness or originality. How can someone identify a fake offer? The texts below will clear you about that![irp]

Offering unexpected high salaries: To attract people there are some companies offering an incredibly high salary for sake of just a minor job or seat. Not many requirements or education, qualification and offering someone such huge amount of money is a sign of something fishy!

Open to everyone: Attractive job offers with general requirements only call out for every other individual. More than 18years of age required or males only, or resident of a particular country are some examples. Such easy requirements open the job offer to almost everyone.

Using Gmail and yahoo ids: Fake companies are easily recognized when they don’t use their company’s email ids or a registration number showing their authenticity or professionalism. It reduces credibility.

Interview call through Facebook: Companies calling you for an interview through facebook, offering through skype or yahoo messenger show highly unprofessional attitude. This is not something common and one should be curious at this act.

Fishy Mails: Grammatical mistakes, inappropriate caps lock and incorrect spellings, meaningless sentences,  misarranged phrases and use of the verb, improper subject, and all these mistakes proves a fake offer because a proper company which is professional will make sure of such errors before mailing.

Asking for unnecessary details:  Such companies ask you to disclose your personal information that is in no way linked to the job or is totally unnecessary. This is just to fetch your personal account number or credit card details. This might be risky.

Attached files: The person will get an email for hiring the person in which appointment letter will be attached but that letter will be an image and not a word document. When the person opens it, it is some colorful poster sort of letter which is highly unprofessional and fake! No good real company would send you a colorful bright letter for purpose of hiring.

Money involvement: These fake offers are usually for the purpose of looting money. That so called company will ask you to deposit some amount of money to further proceed with the formalities. No authentic company will ever ask you for depositing money. This is no doubt absolutely fake!

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