1 Thing, your private car driver does not want you to know

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, women are not permitted to drive. Thus, you will often find every household with more than one car. One that is usually driven by the man of the house himself for work while the other is used for dropping off the children to school and for the women, along with a full-time driver. The drivers are usually expatriates from around the world and are paid well for their services. Additionally, they are given a place to stay and food. Though, in many cases, you shouldn't leave your drivers un-noticed.[irp]

On a few occasions, it has been reported that at times the drivers when to arrive to pick the women they are not only a bit late but also the car is trashed with bubble gum wrappers, soda cans, and cigarette buds. Many at times this seemingly goes unnoticed but for a woman, it becomes impossible to fake her eyes. Somehow it is in their DNAs to spot the smallest bit and magnify it just by a bit of thinking. Sometimes the drivers try to prove their innocence and most of the times women just want to avoid the outcome of posting a false statement on someone, thinking that if they turn out wrong it would hurt them and affect them.

Though you cannot always consider the driver to be right and believe on everything he may tell you. That is just not how life can work. Certain women had been facing the same problem and somehow they did some mind-mapping and tried to connect the dots themselves. It turned out that most of the drivers began to do their own travel agency with your car! They picked people off the streets, if the locality was nearby they would take nearly SR30 since your car wasn't the typical taxi and instead of a new model car. The drivers would quickly drop them off and hurry back to your office and location. They would not even bother to fill in your diesel, they kept everything for themselves![irp]

Considering the factors that most Saudis take extreme care of their drivers and other several workers it isn't a good gesture trying to mug them and pretend you haven't done anything wrong at all. Maybe sometime soon people will realize their mistake and consider the possibility of working with honesty and dedication. It is sad that one cannot trust anybody but this is all a part of the things that happen even if we can't picture them at first. You can make sure that your driver has an automatic GPS log that will keep track of his location. He would fill in the time, date and the diesel record. This way you can be certain whether your driver is trying to make you a fool or not.