6 differences between Private and Government Hospitals in Saudi Arabia

In an earlier post, I brought forward relating to the customer care services I specifically mentioned that it is the customer service for the people that make a company or organization better than the others. Today again I'll be taking the same speech into account and bring about the better thing as well the cons for hospital treatments and facilities they offer both in government and private sectors. Though the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides the best services and facilities for the betterment of its employees and people somehow there are certain differences that eventually occur. Today's read will be bringing about the common differences found in both the government and private hospitals.[irp]

Medical Insurance: To begin with, we must remember that the expatriate workforce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are all provided with free medical insurance and care by the company they are employed by. Thus, they are automatically sent to the private hospitals since they will check through records and eventually treat them. They have to follow certain procedures after which they are treated and medicated. Government hospitals don’t accept insurance cards. Expatriates can get the treatment on cash.

Emergency Cases: Most of the private hospitals in Saudi Arabia don’t deal with emergency cases apart from some big names. They always refer people to go to the government hospitals.

Waiting Areas: Once in the government hospital, you will find segregated waiting areas for both men and women with simple chairs lined up in either of the rooms. There you will not find any sort of magazines, newspapers or TV to pass the time. Though in the private hospital you will not only get immediate medical care and attention after looking at your insurance but you can have the benefit of waiting with your family in comfortable and cozy couches, magazines and a big Television on either wall with a Saudi or English News channel being run. Apart from that, there isn't any other change.

Private Wards: One problem on may have to face is that in the government hospitals you cannot find a private ward, you will have to share a room with four other patients. Even you are willing to pay your request will eventually be denied until or unless you have someone from the higher authorities to help you out.

Visitors: The one thing that most people do complain about is that they are not allowed to keep having visitors in the Government hospital, apart from which there are generally no issues. In the Private wards, however, you can get a private ward the very day. Other than these points, you will not find any difference.

Treatment: You will be treated well by both different sector hospitals. The Government and Private hospitals both have a good number of equipment and facilities with a much-designated staff. They will provide you with perfect treatment opinions and good diagnostic skills. It mainly depends on how much we think that these two hospitals have a vast difference though they do not. One should only look at the services that they provide and whether they treat their patients with good care and that's about it. Other things can follow up later. 

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