3 Countries where divorce is considered illegal

Every marriage when fails to work out ends up in a divorce. This is simply marriage resolution demanded by either the husband or the wife and they can refer to court for that, prove the charges and get free. But very few countries have banned over the divorce laws.  The only option for such couples is annulment that is to prove or assume that the marriage never existed or is invalid. This is proved on reasons which prove invalidity such as the couple was too young or it was a fraud from the beginning, or not married to someone legal. The spouse can also prove some psychological problem of the partner which came in light after marriage for annulment. This is due to association with the Catholic Church. The Catholics don’t favor divorces as it is a sacred relation which is a lifelong commitment and cannot be ended like this though some of them demand change in this law.[irp]

The person is not able to remarry because of this restriction for example if the Filipino divorces out of the country’s boundary, it is not considered as a divorce when back into the country. He/she remarrying outside the country’s boundary will be considered as disobeying the law and committing a crime. One such case is of Realuyo in 1989, who demanded a divorce from her husband because he didn’t bother about the family, took drugs and left them. Nothing happened until 1991 when she was granted annulment after 10 years of her separation from her husband. If she wants to remarry she can but it will not be authorized by the catholic churches. Marrying outside the church will be considered wrong and denied communion.

The annulment process is an expensive accounting about 2000-4,000 US dollars taking 1-2 years to resolve still its rate is increasing with passing time. The annulment was reported to be basically a dishonest statement which proves nullity of marriage after years of marriage and even children. One should not deprive the other to end that marriage. If there are children under 7 years of age the custody is given to the mother. Many of the Filipinos raised their voices to change this law and grant divorces still no one was heard and all their efforts were unanswered.

Catholics won’t ever agree to reform the divorce law, but on the other hand, they should do that because there are times when marriage cannot be continued in any case and the only divorce is the option. One can end the misery period and be liberal and free to do whatever they want, or choose someone whom they like, or have a better understanding with. People shouldn’t be forced or bound to that marriage. If not divorce law, then at least the annulment law should be made easier with fewer restrictions, limitations and simple broad criteria.[irp]

Philippines: Divorce is illegal in the Philippines. Under the Philippine law, certain Muslim Filipinos can obtain divorces, and Filipino citizens married to foreign nationals who divorce in the other spouse’s country of residence are considered legally divorced and able to remarry. 

Malta: The divorce is considered illegal according to Malta constitution 1960. Maltese law recognizes divorces obtained legally in other countries when one of the parties is a resident of that country, even if they have retained Maltese citizenship. Malta also recognizes divorces obtained elsewhere between a Maltese citizen and a foreign national

Vatican City has no procedures for divorce. The only option available is an annulment.

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