How do men and women deal with unwanted hair in the Arab Culture?

Shaving for men and women both is a practice that is taken to ensure cleanliness of the body. Shaving, waxing etc. are all parts of the same category which either means to remove hair from the skin or pluck it from the roots.

Though, they eventually grow back within a month depending on an individual’s hair growth rate. Today's read is to enlighten all those about the culture of shaving in Arab World whether people keep it in practice or not.

To start off with, men shave quite often. They often get their beard and mustache shaved after some time. Sometimes they want to grow the beard and get it shaved to change looks or in Islam just to maintain cleanliness.

Men often get their hair from their underarms removed to maintain cleanliness because of the extensive heat and sweat. It isn't a bad practice for them to remove hair from their private areas as well.

This is very beneficial if they have more than a wife and have intimate relationships with them all. This will ensure prevention of health hazards. What we are still not aware of is the fact whether Arab men do get their arms, legs, and chest waxed or shaved.

In the Muslim culture, however, this isn't a very common practice. They don't. But then this depends upon from person to person.

For the women, however, it is important to remain clean and purified always. Arab women must have their underarms clean and their private areas every forty days. This is the Islamic duty that must be followed to ensure purity and cleanliness.

Women often use Shaving cream, hair removal cream or lotion, Waxing or Machines to remove all unwanted hair. The Soon to be bride will make sure she gets all the hair removed before her wedding, same follows with all Arab men.

They all take great pride in having smooth, hair-free skin. They may choose to shave or wax their legs and arms or their whole body depending on their individual condition.

Other hairs removing methods include the use of Hawala which like Wax will remove the hair once you wash it off. Though it will ease the pain caused by waxing.

Preferably the best method is to either use a machine or Wax since that will keep you at ease for at least a month whereas other hair removing methods such as the use of chemicals will worsen hair growth and you'll have to take this practice into account every week!

There is no compulsion though, which method is better than the other but I thought it is advisable to take one in practice that is easy and keeps you clean for a longer duration than the rest and does not harm your body.

Many women do get their hair facial removed though that isn't at all a compulsion. In fact, many scholars state that a woman must not remove hair removed from her face and neither should she get her eyebrows made. It is better to take several hearings into account before the following anyone!


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