Procedure to Attest Marriage Certificate for Saudi Arabia

If you want to bring your family to Saudi Arabia from your home country, you will have to apply for their permanent family visa. One of the most important requirements of applying permanent family visa is to have marriage certificate attested by the appropriate authorities.

In this way, the Saudi government will be able to authenticate that the family for whom you are applying for a visa is your legitimate family. They don’t issue visas for a fiancé or someone who is not your legitimate spouse and children.

We have already explained in detail the procedure to attest degrees for Saudi Arabia and today we shall be talking about the procedure to get marriage certificate attested to bring your family on a permanent family visa to Saudi Arabia.

Please make sure that name on your marriage certificate is same as the name on your Iqama or passport. If the marriage certificate is in some other language, you will have to make sure that the spellings of translated names should be same as passport or Iqama.

MOFA in your Country: You may have to attest marriage certificate by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country. MOFA in your country may ask you to attest the same certificate from some different authorities like judicial court or provincial / state government etc. These requirements differ from country to country. What Saudi Embassy checks are the stamp of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Saudi Consulate in your country: Once you have done with the stamp of MOFA in your country. Next step is to go to Saudi Embassy or Saudi Consulate in your country to attest it from them.

They will charge a minimal fee and attest it for you. Again, they are only concerned with the stamp of MOFA on it. Now you have done with the process in your home country.

Translation in Arabic: Once you have the attested marriage certificate from Saudi Embassy or Saudi Consulate in Saudi Arabia, you will have to translate it in the Arabic language. You will have to check if the spellings of the names in English are same as of passport or Iqama.

There are so many translators in Saudi Arabia approved by the MOI. We have given a list of some of them in this link “List of Approved Translators in Saudi Arabia”

MOFA in Saudi Arabia: Now you will have to attest to the marriage certificate and translation made by the approved agent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia.

Once you are done with the attestation by MOFA, you are done with the attestation work of your marriage certificate. Now the next step is to apply for a permanent family visa. Recommended: Procedure to Attest Documents from MOFA Saudi Arabia

Marriage Certificate Attestation in Pakistan

Step 1: You need to get NADRA Marriage Certificate from local district authorities.

Step 2: Attestation from MOFA (Pakistan). If you are residing abroad so your blood relation can do it in PKR 25 but the agent will take PKR 2000.

Step 3: Agent will translate marriage certificate in Arabic and will send along with photocopy to Saudi consulate. (Hardly take 01 days and cost vary from PKR 5000 to PKR 7500)

Step 4: Once you received the original attested copy from Saudi consulate so you have to go MOFA in Saudi for attestation. Cost SAR 30.