Miserable Condition of Public Toilets in Saudi Arabia

To know the truth about any household one must always make sure you check the kitchen and the washroom. Why? Both places are generally the ones that are used every single day, in fact, used the most every single day. If a house or people can maintain these two places well, you'll generally be impressed by the living people in that compound over all. Though maybe many people don't prioritize it anymore, I wonder why. Is it because every single washroom and kitchen are clean and filth free? I think not. There has to be more to the story![irp]

To uncover this mysterious story, I have put together a read that will make you feel a bit disgusted but it should be brought out into the limelight for the betterment of the people. That's what we are here for after all? Absolutely! On a recent road trip, I took to Mecca from Riyadh I made a stop at a public washroom. As I opened the door of the washroom I was instantly forced to breathe in a very stench smell that made me sick more than I was before opening the door. After that the view that left me shocked. You could see water puddles all over the floor with different muddy footprints all around. That isn't all, you wouldn't dare to lift the toilet seat! If you do I can't guarantee whether you'll be down on the ground or run outside the instant.

The most problem, in this case, is for the women you are wearing an abaya, covered from head to toe and then in this situation using the toilet seat on the ground will make you regret coming in the first place, not only into the washroom but on the whole road trip especially once you could afford a plane ticket saving you the hours’ journey. Saudi Arabia is one of the richest and most well-established countries in the entire world and when you find such scenarios and views you want to run away screaming. Maybe that is one reason why I probably often hear that the rich don't use the public toilets.[irp]

Because most of these washrooms are connected to the mosques that are established along the highways and offer the services for performing Wudu they shouldn't be in such a condition in the very first place. Maybe it's in such a condition because it somehow is so out of the city and usually left abandoned that services aren't carried out just as they are within the city? Or maybe it's just the people in charge such as the domestics only show up to collect their pay rather than show up to clean the washrooms. Maybe the in charges will give in more effort to clean this all up and give us the pleasure of not having a bad journey and road trip after all.

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