Saudis are banned to travel these 8 countries

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the World's most popular and well-appreciated countries all over the Muslim world.

Because of the constant effort of the Kings of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom was able to transform itself from a barren desert to what is now known as a central hub where people from around the world come and visit because of the beautiful and jaw-dropping buildings and artifacts etc.

Who would have actually thought that such transformation within such a huge and vast country could bring so much of fame to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Certainly, those who didn't believe now have to.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia remains the Holy land for the Islamic culture and all the Muslims around the world. Centuries from now people came within the area to perform Haj and Umrah and thus it held great significance and importance.

However, now Muslims, as well as Non-Muslims, enter the Kingdom for work and Holiday purposes as well. They make much use of their vacation as the tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia have widely become popular around the globe.

Though there are some countries that do not allow their citizens to travel to Saudi Arabia and will not bring in their citizens either. The government of Saudi Arabia has a list to which traveling of its citizens is not permissible! The list has;

Thailand – Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world that people visit for enjoying vacations and holidays. However, the Saudi Government holds very much of a ban over traveling to this country because over the years a few Saudi diplomats were murdered there.

If a Saudi citizen travels to Thailand, he faces many problems in getting his passport renewed. A citizen who travels to Thailand faces a travel ban of 3 years and a fine of SR 10,000. – Arab News. Recommended: 3 cases which allow Saudi Citizens to travel to Thailand

Lebanon – Saudi Arabia halted $4bn in aid to Lebanese security forces in response to “hostile” positions linked to Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah. – Al-Jazeera

Iraq – Saudis are not allowed to travel Iraq due to the presence of Taliban and ISIS militant group in that country.

Israel – Saudi Arabia does not recognize Israel as a separate country. There are no diplomatic relations between two countries.

Iran – Saudi Embassy was attacked in Iran was attacked by people on the support of Iran government in the month of Jan 2016. Diplomatic relations between two countries have been cut since that time.

YemenSaudis are not allowed to travel to Yemen without taking an approval from the Ministry of Interior amid security condition in Yemen. – Saudi Gazette

Qatar – Saudi Citizens have been barred from crossing Qatar border effective from June 05, 2017 following a complete diplomatic cut down by Saudi Arabia with Qatar.

Saudi Iqama holders who used to get on arrival visa at the Qatar border would also not be entertained. The border has been closed till further communication. Recommended: KSA with 5 countries terminate all relations with Qatar including flights, visa, border, and embassy 

Syria: Saudis are not allowed to travel to Syria without taking an approval from the Ministry of Interior amid security condition in Yemen. – Saudi Gazette

Bosnia – Saudi citizens were banned from traveling to Bosnia a few years ago, but now this situation has been improved as many citizens have been traveling to Bosnia- Arab News 

The Passport Department (Jawazat) has asked all its departments in various regions to thoroughly scrutinize the stamps of arrival and departure on the passports of Saudi citizens who may intend to travel to the banned countries without official permits. The violators may face a ban on traveling anywhere for three years and a maximum fine of SR 10,000. 

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