How do Muslims fast in the countries where Sun does not set?

Ramadan is one of the most important months of the Islamic Calendar. It is one of my favorites. The reason behind it is quite simple. It gives me the most opportunity to pray and follow the principles of Islam.

One will have to agree that the amount of worship they do during Ramadan is unmatchable with the amount they do around the year. Fasting takes a lot of strength and stamina no matter which part of the world you belong to.

Like I said, it is compulsory for Muslims to fast whether it's too hot or too cold, whether it rains or snow. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit too much since Islam does lay down that if there is no hardship or illness then one should fast.

Today's read will focus on a not so frequently asked question. This question asked by someone who may not be so familiar with the Islamic culture asked that what procedure should be followed to open a fast in a country, region or area where the sun does not set.

After reading this question I paused and tried to re-read the question again to fully understand the situation the questioner asked me.

Genuinely one who can't seem to have an answer or has incomplete knowledge regarding any of this would either google search his queries or refer to the books or in most cases refer to the scholars who will eventually be the most reliable source regarding religion-based questions.

After a week worth of research, I came up with a search result which one must follow if he or she is living in a country or state where the sun doesn't set such as Alaska and most of Northern Europe.

Even in countries like London, the fast seems to last for more than seventeen hours but the sun does set and rise. Moving back to the question, those who live in countries like Northern Europe often have to wait for more than twenty hours.

A Muslim family is breaking the fast while there is full Sun outside.

The solution to their query is that they must pray five times daily according to the time to their neighboring country where the sun does set. This should be followed by all those states where the day lasts for six months and the night lasts for six months as well.

This is how they can fast on the places where the sun doesn't set. Though, this is not for those countries like the United Kingdom. For example, if the Dawn time in your nearest neighboring country is 02:00 AM and sun sets at 11:00 PM, you need to fast for 21 hours a day.

It is very important to state that before following this principle, I would suggest you ask from a Sharia expert about it. The knowledge I have gained regarding this matter is out of my search results which should not be taken as fully reliable.

It would be better to ask from an Aalim living in the areas where Sun does not set as a Saudi Aalim will have difficulty in applying any Ijtehad which has taken place by the Aalim community of the region.

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