Level of Customer Care Services in Saudi Arabia

Before coming to Saudi Arabia, I searched a lot about this country. When I searched for customer services in Saudi Arabia, most of the time I got this answer “it does not exist”. Today I will be talking about customer care services in Saudi Arabia since I am a bit experienced about the local market now. I believe in the prospect of any company or any organization when it seems to satisfy its people and customers. With the evolution in time day by day we find more and more companies and organizations trying to make their name and fame by keeping up with the latest trends, different activities that gain social attention, make use of promotion campaigns and try to hand out samples and other products (usually) for free. One you find this part friendly you will probably want to get associated with it and become a customer to them. Though something may go wrong and you wouldn't want to even look at their name anymore.[irp]

Here I was just trying to give a basic overview of the most common scenario that may occur when you are trying to solve out things for yourself. What I believe in is that customer SERVICE can either give a company fame and glory. Once your customers are happy you'll have free promotions since they will advise and promote your company and brand for you without even asking for it. However, if you are not satisfied with your brand or that you do not get the attention you need you will simply find alternate brands or companies to satisfy you?

Customer Care Call Centers in Saudi Arabia: One of awful moments is when you have to place a call to the customer care center just to ask one simple question.  You'll first have to talk to an answering machine for 6 minutes and maybe after reading a whole menu, you won't still be able to talk to an operative directly. After going through the second menu you may find yourself talking to a real person instead. At that time, you just listen to the customer services representative saying “No Speak English”. What the fish? I selected English in the beginning and you kept me waiting for 10 minutes. Why did a non-English speaking guy pick up the phone? I may never find a way to get through this and I would then rather prefer an hour-long drive to the franchise and get my problem solved rather than calling on their number. This has often happened during placing calls at mobile services. It should have been as easy that by pressing 0 we could be connected to an operative directly![irp]

Customer Care Centers in Saudi Arabia: Though most of the times you may not even find customer care centers to be helpful. I've often been waiting at their center for hours just to find myself getting a token regarding my problem. Sometimes paying a bill can become a pain of the centers are not well organized. Some of the people at the customer services center not only guide you wrong but may sound incredibly RUDE! I would rather prefer staying home and plug out my association with the company in such cases and most cases I have done so. Always make sure you are treated first and better class, you make the company survive and no one else.

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