Procedure to Schedule an Appointment with Etimad Centers in Pakistan

Regular Reader of our blog Mr. Saqib Ali has just shared procedure of booking an online appointment with the Etimad Center in Pakistan. According to new rules, the permanent family visa for family and family visit visa for dependents is processed by the Etimad Center in Pakistan. A couple of years ago it used to be processed by the local agents.

This new system has made the processing of stamping family visit visa or permanent family visa for families very easy. Now they can just go to Etimad Center and pay their fixed fee to get the visa stamped on the passport.

If your family is coming on a permanent family visa, just make sure you have medical test reports before scheduling an appointment. There is no need for such report in case of family visit visa. Please follow the following instructions to schedule an appointment with Etimad Centers in Pakistan.

STEP 1: Open website Click on “schedule an appointment” link given on the left-hand side of the page. A popup screen will appear from where you will have to click on “Make an Appointment”. You will have to select country as “Pakistan” and purpose of Travel as well.

I have selected “Resident” as my family was coming on a permanent family visa. If you are applying for a family visit visa, you should select “Family Visit”. You can also take guidance from the following screen.

STEP 2: As soon as you will select the purpose of travel, some data will be downloaded to your computer screen. Just scroll down your screen and you will find something like the image given below.

You need to select date and timing of your appointment from here. As soon as you will process the “Book” button, it will lead you to a page of “Terms and Conditions”. Accept terms and conditions so that your appointment with Etimad can be scheduled.

STEP 3: A new screen will open in which you will have to select the appointment category i.e. individual. You will have to select the number of applicants. In my case, the number of applicants is only one i.e. my wife. You will have to select a date from the Green dates.

Dates in red means these dates are not available for appointment. After selecting a date, you will also have to select a time from the left-hand menu. You can see it in the image below. 

There will be following four questions on this screen and you will have to answer all of them as “No”. Once you have filled all this information, just enter the captcha code given at the end of the page and proceed to Next Step.

  • EnjazIT form completed?
  • Documents submitted to Mission?
  • VISA Fees paid?
  • Do you want to select a preferred date for waitlist?

STEP 4: Now you are in the next phase of booking an appointment with Etimad Center in Pakistan.  Here's where you will be entering all the mandatory required information.

Fill in the Passport details exactly as on the Official Passport (Not with your given nicknames, Like Janu and all)


01-Click Next and enter the asked information again, which is, other details. I prefer to fill in only the mandatory information (the one with the star*)

02-Click next and here you will enter your information, Information as per your local Saudi Iqama. The purpose would be Family Residency…

03-Click Next, enter the address incomplete.

04-Then go to review and submit…it will ask you to review the information you have entered, once done carefully, please proceed and submit. Your application will be submitted and Emailed to you as well. Try to reach there on time with all your relevant documents.

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