9 Most Irritating Passengers Habits revealed by flight attendants

Traveling through Air is quite of a pleasant experience. I am sure everyone would choose to go through an airplane than any other mode of transport if they could afford it all the time. The reason behind being is one that they reach within hours to their desired destination and two, because of the amazing service provided by the air hostesses and another staff. Within a button click, you'll get a good air hostess that will offer to help you with anything you need and can make your journey a whole lot better. However, many take these staff and air hostesses for granted which obviously isn’t accepted by the workers. In Today’s Read, I will be giving you readers an overview of an interview I had with my cousin who is working for a famous United States Airline. After hearing incidents, she was a part off, not only made me lose my temperament but also provided me to think about the possible reasons why passengers would even do something like this.[irp]

1-After talking to her a few things that made me laugh was how she told me that how passengers before takeoff begin to ask for Water and ask the staff to put their bags in the overhead lockers.

2-Others usually ask for an upgrade to the First Class or Business Class and many talks and ask for drinks while their headphones on which becomes a nuisance for other flight passengers!  Also, economy class passengers shouldn't be asking for an upgrade once on the plane or they shouldn't be given any privileges to use the business class bathrooms either.

3-What she also talked about was how flight passengers forget to put off their headphones while talking to the air hostesses, and rather instead of talking to them, they are SCREAMING.

4-The most annoying thing according to me is for constantly irritating the crew for pathetic questions. During many flights, I have observed people to constantly bug the air hostesses for water or more food.

5-Sometimes they want more pillows or blankets and sometimes they ask whether they can switch seats to sit with their friends and family. My cousin made it clear that it was not up to her to decide where the passengers could sit because if it was there would have been no concept of seat numbers.

6-Another issue is when flights passengers do not follow up on the safety demonstrations that are conducted for THEIR safety in case something goes wrong on the plane.

7-Usually, the passengers are busy talking about real estate and their personal matters. She told me that on one flight a passenger began practicing an exercise in the aisle. Now that would have been some funny scene to watch don't you think?

8-Apart from this, they lie. Yes, PASSENGERS LIE. When? On moments when they are asked to switch off all their electronic devices. When they are caught, we have to enlighten them with sarcasm that their screen is still on since we can see letters on the screen in different shades and colors.

9-The list doesn't end here. Another instant where air hostesses lose their tempers is when passengers ask them to hold for them connecting flights at the airport. They tend to forget that they aren't for that purpose and it doesn't come under their job. Maybe since we consider these air hostesses as workers as well as humans it'll eventually be better. So, the next time you get on a plane make sure you don't annoy and bug the air hostess for a lame question or something that isn't important.


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