10 Points to care about before Boarding Taxis in Saudi Arabia

Taxis are one of the most common modes of transportation within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Although there are buses, but taxis in comparison are private and cozy without much of the hassle. When you arrive into the country, you may be subjected to being overcharged by taxi drivers who think that you are new to the country. Here are a few tips and guidelines that you must keep in mind while using Taxis and Cabs within Saudi Arabia.[irp]

1-Taxi drivers tend to use you to their advantage thinking that you do not have any idea about the rates. Their usual victims are people from abroad. Make sure you ask someone who is already living in Saudi Arabia such as your family and relatives who can tell you accordingly the rates. Most of the Taxi Cabs, however, use meters which will save you all the trouble.

2-Never share a taxi with someone you don't know. They may cause you harm. Over the years the crime rate like this case has increased over the year with victims not only foreigners but the local workers.

3-If your Taxi driver seems to take stops after every interval or whether he's talking on the phone quite often keep your ears and eyes open. You don't know whether he's calling some partner of his and making out plans to mug you. Other than that, driving and talking on the phone is prohibited since it can cause accidents.

4-Before you are seated yourself in the taxi, make sure your suitcases are put in securely in the trunk of the cab. Do not allow the taxi cab to open the trunk at a refilling station without your consent.

5-There are several police officials who seek money for violations caused by the driver. Make sure that you are aware of such scams. This isn't your responsibility and thus you shouldn't pay them anything.

6-If you get the chance make sure you inspect the trunk before riding the cabin case there may be some rubber hidden inside.

7-Be aware that the taxi cab doesn't use any sort of spray inside the cab. Many at times taxi drivers use a spray to paralyze the passenger or most of the time make them unconscious.

8-Make sure you look out for the rates. They makeup charges and will cost you more.

9-Be wise and take the first step. Note down the number of the taxi and send it to a relative or friend in case anything happens to you.

10-If you are unfamiliar with the locality and city then make sure you take the public transport. This way you'll be safe and not get lost!

I hope this read will help you a bit in choosing the right cab. Also, make sure that you take the legitimate cabs and not the ones that pretend to be, after all, it’s always best to be on the safe side.