8 things you about life in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Al-Khobar is one of the very small cities in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Saudi Arabia that have been attracting many tourists from around the country and even from many countries worldwide and the life in Al Khobar is very dynamic as compared to other cities of Saudi Arabia.

You will not only be surprised but happy to see that life in Al Khobar is so much different from its counterparts. People here are lively; this city brings its own flavors! This city has its own charm! If you've ever lived in Al-Khobar, you would remember these memories of life in Al Khobar!

  1. Rashid Mall

With that, you should be aware that the Rashid Mall was the most happening thing of life in Al Khobar in the 90's. Sigh! The good old days!

But that certainly doesn't mean that the malls there aren't good enough. Every time you visit the malls you'll always be making way for a new adventure, better than Dora's for sure!

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  1. Corniche of Al Khobar

In the life of Al Khobar you will find endless traffic jams, hurdles that will make you get fed up with the drive to the Khobar Corniche. Your weekend will, however, be incomplete without visiting this corniche!

It's okay to take your time to move from one part of the city to the other if you have to end up at the corniche! Half of the city is Corniche road, unlike other cities where we have to travel a long distance to head towards corniche.

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  1. Azeem Café and Golden Serve the Best Tea

Another thing you will always seem to remember about the life in Al Khobar is that Azeem Cafe will serve you the best tea! How can one deny a perfect cup of tea filled with the perfect aroma?

No one can but I can be almost certain! The only problem is that driving to these places is very stressful. One major problem that you will find here is driving. Period.

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  1. Hate to Go to Dammam

Once you are living in Al Khobar you will hate going to Dammam even if it's merely twenty minutes away! With this, it’s weird that even living in Al Khobar all our lives we may not even know the routes to or from Dammam. That's strange no?

  1. It is Damn Hard to Find Parking Place after 5 PM

I think Al Khobar is extremely overpopulated thus when you go out and find a parking spot after 5 pm you have to be blessed!

When you do find a parking spot you should stop everything you're doing and park, get out of the car and do a crazy happy dance! I'm kidding about the last part.

However, like I said if you leave your house at 5 pm you will never find to be home before 11 pm especially if you don't find yourself a parking place.

So, if your husband's come in late make sure you don't ask them where they've been. Avoid situations where they might outburst all your frustration on you!

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  1. Construction of Underpasses

What obviously, you won't appreciate more is the construction of the underpasses. They take AGES. Literally!

  1. It is easier to go to Bahrain than any other City

With all of this, you find it merely astonishing that you would rather prefer traveling to Bahrain rather than any other city. The possible reason for this is again the Traffic. Damn.

One would never want to use the course way during the weekend. The traffic is endless! Bahrain is visible from corniche site depends upon sea level. On Arrival Visit Visa of Bahrain through Causeway for Iqama Holders is available.

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  1. It is hell irritating when people consider Dammam and Al Khobar same thing

Other things that will make you furious are when people consider Dammam and Al Khobar to be the same thing. They are not!

One would blow the heads off those who do not speak good of Al Khobar especially if you've grown up there. I mean how can you ever replace all the memories in Toy town?! You can't, that's right!

To conclude this, it is extremely difficult to settle anywhere out of Al Khobar because there's no place better than this!